Historical and Touristic Places in the Vicinity of Izmir Turkey

You can go to Inciralti beach passing through the areas of Goztepe and Güzelyali following the coast from the city and thence to thermal waters (springs) of Agamemnon. There are beaches and shore restaurants on the coast of Inciralti. By following the same highway you can arrive at Urla and Cesme. There are hot water baths here as well. The fair is open every day. Besides, The goods of all kinds of various countries are exhibited here every year, between August 20th and September 20th, and during this period all sorts of entertainments take place. In this months, Izmir spends its most crowded and glorious days. Again there is an Archeological Museum in Kulturpark. Very valuable archeological works of art dug out of Ephesus, Sart, Bergama, Aydin, Muk la and Milet are exhibited here. The museum is open every day between. 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-17.00.
Izmir is the third greatest city of Turkey. It is an important harbor city of the country. It has about half a million inhabitants. Being the capital of the fertile Aegean district, Izmir is the commercial center of Aegea. Since Izmir and its surroundings have been an ancient settling center, it has a rich historical background. lie old city had undergone many transformations. Lastly, the Greeks invaded the city, but when the Turkish army marched towards Izmir, the Greeks, terribly frightened when retreating, burnt and ruined the city. After the freedom war, the city is been constructing according to a plan in these last 50 years.
Basmane Square Anli Izmir International Fair:
The international and commercial fair is opened annually (20/8-20/9) and brings a festival atmosphere to the city each year. Tourists from districts of Turkey visit the ppavilionsof different countries. In the mean time they have the chance of watching the famous artists, therefore the amusement centers are highly alive during the fair season.