The Silk Prayer Carpet in Mevlana Museum – Chapter 1,

Among the masterpieces in Konya Mevlana is a silk prayer carpet which has to be seen to be appreciated. Many visitors to the museum have heard of its fame before they come. Visitors to the museum say to each other: Have you seen the carpet with 144 knots to each square centimeter? It’s supposed to be the finest woven carpet in the world.
The silk prayer carpet is well known, and it is one of the most popular works in the Mevlana Museum. Whatever its value may be, those who see it gaze in wonder. The Silk Prayer Carpet is exhibited in a wall case left of the altar niche in the Mescid of Mevlana Museum. It measures 175 by 111 cm. and was woven with wool, silk and silver thread. The colors used are black, red, navy blue and yellow, and the narrow borders are decorated with Rumi motifs. Its wide border is decorated with flowers and roses. On each side is written two couplets from a Persian poem. At the top of the carpet is a picture of the Kaaba in Mecca, and at the bottom are flowers and hatayi motifs. That is the description of the prayer carpet. But when, where, and by whom was it woven, and how did it get to Mevlana’s Tomb? Before answering this it is necessary to look at the poem in Persian written on the carpet: This prayer carpet was woven with the help of that high being who followed the path of the prophets, carefully completed near the grave of the children of the prophet.

You will continue to find more details of the silk prayer carpet in Mevlana Museum Konya in chapter 2.

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