Pergamon Ancient City in Aegean Coastline of Turkey – Chapter 2

Engineer Hunan who was constructing a road in the vicinity of Pergamon in 1878 saw a relief of marble in the cart of a farmer, and bought it at one, and sent it to the library. Upon this Berlin, Museums sent the necessary, instruments and devi¬ces in order to make digging on the top of Pergamon castle. The reliefs of the great temple of Zeus have been taken to Berlin and the same temple has been completed over there. After this brief explanation, we can walk about. If one comes from the south of the city turning and turning around the mount of the castle one can arrive at the park on the top and then one comes to the city door of which tie lower parts of the walls are antique. In front of the door ruins of the library can be seen. Let’s give more information about this library. This was made to cons¬truct in 170 B.C. by Eumones the second. This was the second great test library with its volumes of -200.000 books, at that time. Later these books were given as a present to Kleopatra by Mark Anton, were sent to Iskenderiye (The city of Alexandre). The doors of the library were furnished with a variety of statues. In the main saloon, a prototype of stone of Phidias Athena stands. there is the palace of Eumenes who was commanding general at that time. This palace consists of four buildings constructed around a yard with columns. Slightly far away from a cistern and ruined inside walls of a castle can be seen. In the north, there is the garden of the queen. (This name was given by the archeologist who made diggings here), but at present, we Can see only the basis of this garden.. Beside this building, cannon house, Garrison and a building for the troops of the king exist. If we progress southwards along the walls of the castle, a platform is seen in the front, on which the monument of Troyans stands. This monument means the respect of God of King Troyan.