Historical and Touristic Places in the Vicinity of Izmir – Chapter 4

THE THEATRE: (PRIENE) Which, is situated in the northeast of the to was one principal work not only of the Hellenistic period in Priene but also throughout antiquity. In spite of the changes and additions made in Roman times the building still retains most of its Hellenistic Features. The theater was the place where dramatic works were performed and where various cultural activities occurred. Moreover, it was also used as a meeting-place for the “Ekklesia” the people’s parliament This fact.is indicated by the presence of a water-clock. which stood at the point where the west side wall came to an und, by the orchestra. Only the lower rows of seats have been preserved but it is estimated that the spectators. stands were composed of 50 rows which could seat 5.000 people.
MILETOS: After the excursion of Priene we return to SOKE, and we follow the read going down south to MILAS. After progressing 25 km. the distance we turn to the right and we arrive at AKKOY. Milet is 5 km. from Akkoy. Milet was formerly an important center of the settlement of science, politics, and commerce. Milet was founded and a peninsula according to the plans of architect Hippodamos in 480 B.C. The largest building of Milet is the theatre which was made to construct by Greek Trajan. It is 140 m. wide. The balcony of the lodge of the king of this theater which contains 25.000 onlookers is between two columns of the rows of sitting in between. There are the ruins of Byzantium castle upper the theater and they are on a mount and are damaged very much. The door with lions is seen in the eastern part. There are many ruins in the south of this bay, which take the name of two lions that are made up of stone. Of these, delphinion is a temple which was given up to Apoll. ,