Historical and Touristic Places in the Vicinity of Izmir – Chapter 3

THE TEMPLE OF ATHENA: (PRIENE) The oldest and most important building in Priene and the one built one the city, at a height of 96.76 m. above sea-level, was the temple of Athena. As has already been stated, according to the evidence of an electrum stater found in a treasure unearthed at Klazomenai, Athena was also worshiped in ancient Priene.
indeed, the excavations at Erythrai and Izmir have revealed that Athena occupied the first place among the deities in western Asia Minor in the 7 the century B.C. Thus, it is possible to accept that Athena enjoyed the esteem of the population at an even earlier date than the 7 Th century in Ionian cities the Temple of Athena at Priene was built by Pytheos, the architect responsible for the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, considered to be- one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
THE AGORA (PMENE) The Agora, built in the 3rd century B.C. and covering almost two blocks (75.63×35.40 m square), formed the center of the city. Stores were built along three of its sides; the main thoroughfare of the city passed along the northern side. The stores were Dorie in sin. On the west side of the agora was Lunt a row of shops.
THE BOUIZUTERION: (PRIENE) Is one of the best-preserved buildings in Priene the boule uteri on and the adjacent prevention together coVer one whole block. The buildings are roughly square in shape and are approximately 20X21 m. in the area.The boule Ternion was a hall with an altar in the middle and with steps, used as seats, rising parallel to the walls on three sides. On the north side, there were 16 tiers, while the east and west sides possessed only ten each. The south side differed in that it had no steps, but in their stead, there were two entrances to the building. The hall could seat 640 people; the seats were reached by narrow stairways in the east and west corners, and also trough doors opening to the upper rows from the side street and from the road passing in front of the Temple of Athena.