Turkey Miletos Museum and Denizli Museum,

Miletos Museum:
Archaeological excavations were carried out at the ruins of the ancient city of Miletos which was originally built at the mouth of the Meander River where it flowed into the Aegean Sea, but which has now been left inland due to alluvial deposits. Small movable findings were originally stored in the old primary school of the village of Balat in the sub-province of Soke, but in 1967 this school building was demolished and a new building, Milet Museum, built in its place, which was opened to the public in 1973. Exhibited in the museum are ceramics, the heads, and bodies of states, capitals, and pedestals of columns, graves styles, and inscriptions, uncovered by excavations at Miletus. There is also a museum which contains the small objects, housed in the excavation building in the ancient city of Didyma in this region.

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Denizli Museum:
Archaeological works from the region of Denizli were collected in a Denizli primary school which was turned into a museum depot, and some of the stone works were displayed in the school garden. A Roman bath in Pamukkale (Hierapolis) was restored and turned into a museum. Exhibited in the museum are column capitals, grave steles, inscriptions, sarcophagi, statues etc. found by excavations at Hierapolis.
Visiting Miletos Museum and Denizli Museum:
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