Bursa City Museums in Turkey,

In the museum are example’s of works from the fourteenth century to the late Ottoman period, including candlesticks, manuscripts, gilded books, inscriptions, mother of pearl and ivory drawers, Koran lecterns, wooden ceiling centres, guns and knives, copper kitchen utensils, wall tiles and porcelain from Iznik and Kutahya, chandeliers and lamps, embroidery, ornaments, costumes of men and women and objects taken from tekkes (dervish monasteries or retreats). In the courtyard and colonnades are gravestones and inscriptions etc. from the Ottoman period. The Bursa Turkish and Islamic Art Museum is an art gallery of the Ottoman period in Bursa.

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Bursa Ottoman House: Opposite the Sultan Murad II Complex, the 18th-century high wooden house of architectural value.

Green Tomb
Muradiye in Bursa has been acquired by the state, restored as a museum. Because at one time there was a mansion Sultan Murad II on the site of this house, it is caller Mur On both floors of the Ottoman House is a hall of which The larger of these rooms has a wooden ceiling and cubic with plant and flower motifs and designs. The rooms are typical Ottoman house. This example of a typical old Bursa house is open to Green Tomb and Muradiye Kulliye.

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Green Tomb and Muradiye Kulliye:
Besides examples of Ottoman architecture such as the mosque, med-rise, caravanserai, bath and covered bazaar in Bursa, there is also the Green Tomb and other tombs in the Muradiye Kulliye which have been put under the control of the museums as monuments. The Green Tomb is north of the Yesil Medrese and was built in 1421 for the Ottoman Sultan Celebi Mehmed I, by the architect, Haci Ivaz Pasa. The tomb is classical Ottoman, covered with tiles and domed. Inside the tomb are the tile covered sarcophagi of Celebi Sultan Mehmed, his children, and their nursemaid. Besides, the sarcophagi are an altar, panels over the window, and masterpieces of the art of Turkish tiling on the walls. The tombs of Murad II, Sehzade Mustafa and Cem Sultan, and the Mosque of Sultan Murad II in Muradiye Kulliye are fine examples of Ottoman architecture and tiling.
Bursa Art Gallery: The Bursa Art Gallery which is in the building of the Ahmed Vetik Pasha Theatre in Republic Square, contains works of several Turkish artists and sculptors. Besides exhibitions, art studies are carried out here.