Canakkale Museum and The Museums of Canakkale City,

Archaeological works from the region of Canakkale were originally stored in Canakkale Primary School from the year 19’11 to the year 1932 when they were moved to the church which is now used as a museum. In 1960 there were 1791 works and 3888 coins in the museum. The church was repaired in 1961 and opened to the public. And also, check our Gallipoli tours.

Canakkale Museum:

The Museum, which is temporarily housed in the church, has two sections – one open and one enclosed:
1 — The Open Room in the Courtyard of the Museum: There is an open air exhibition of stone works in the courtyard to the right of the museum entrance. Here there is a garlanded Roman sarcophagus, pieces of sarcophagi, statues, and bas-reliefs from the Classic period, building stones, and inscriptions and gravestones from the Islamic period.
2 — The Museum Room: In this closed room are pre-Islamic works found in the region of Canakkale, a collection of works made by Mr. Calverton in the American consulate of Canakkale, and findings from the excavations of Bozcaada Necropolis and Dardanos Tumulus. Among the most valuable of the works in Mr. Calverton’s collection are objects from the Prehistoric Age and statues, busts, styles, ceramics, glass objects, and metal objects from the Archaic and Classical Ages. In the other showcases are findings from Karacaviran (Byzantine Age), Ottoman coins, metal dishes, vases, lamps, bone objects, and pottery from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods, and statues and vases from the Phoenician period (Sixth century BC). The most valuable collection in the museum is those works found in 1959 in Dardanos tumulus 10 km southwest of Canakkale, dating from the fourth to first centuries BC, which include gold ornaments, diadems, statuettes, lamps, and amphoras. There are also various works dating from the seventh to second centuries BC found during excavations of the Bozcaada Necropolis in 1961. There is also an exhibition of ethnographical and Turkish artwork the museum. A new modern museum building is at present under construction Canakkale, which will house Canakkale Museum upon its completion.