Ataturk House & Culture Museum in Konya,

Konya Ataturk House and Museum was opened in 1964 in the old Governors Residence on Station Boulevard.
Ataturk House was built in 1912 and consists of three stories including a basement. It was made the Governors Residence in 1916. In 1923 it was registered as Treasury property and while still being used as the Governors Residence, was re-furnished and used by Ataturk when he visited Konya. In 1927 Konya Municipality bought the house from the Treasury and presented it as a gift to Ataturk on July 19, 1928, as a symbol of the love and respect felt by the people of Konya for Ataturk. After Ataturk’s death the house passed into the possession of his sister Makbule Atadan, and in 1940 Konya Special Administration bought the house for a nominal sum and it was again used as the Governors Residence until 1963.
In 1963 with the initiative of Konya Museum Ataturk House was taken over by the Ministry of Education and repaired, a year later being opened to the public as the Ataturk House – Culture Museum.
In the entrance to the House is a bust of Ataturk and a speech made by him to the people of Konya. In the room on the right is an overcoat, suit, hat, shoes etc. worn by Ataturk, his dinner services card table and walking sticks. On the walls are pictures of Ataturk and his visits to Kon-ya, quotations of Ataturk’s and documents concerning him, his stamp collection, the flag of the Republic flown on his visits to Konya and other souvenirs. A door leads to the aide de camp’s room where gifts made to Ataturk, the chaise longe on which he rested during the last days of his life, books about him and photographs are exhibited.
On the upper floor of Ataturk House are items recording our cultural history. The rooms are called the Konya Press, Konya Handicrafts, and Konya Dowry and Bride Room respectively.