Corum Museum and The Museums of Corum in Turkey,

The province of Corum is an important archaeological region, where a large number of excavations have been carried out, among them those at Bogazkoy, Alacahoyuk, Eskiyapar, Pazarli, Buyak Gulucek, and Kussaray which have revealed remains of the Prehistoric and Hittite Ages in Anatolia. Plans for a museum to house the works found in Corum and its surroundings have been going on since 1937, and in 1966 construction of a new museum building began. This building was completed in 1968 and opened to the public. You can check our Turkey tour packages.

Corum Museum

Corum Museum contains archaeological and ethnographic works from the region of Corum. The museum consists of 4 rooms, an office, and storerooms:
1 — To the right of the entrance are exhibited findings from the Prehistoric Age, and ceramics, ornaments, coins, statues and bas-reliefs from the Roman and Byzantine periods.
2 — In the hall with the staircase to the right are exhibited works from the pre-Hittite period found in Alisar and Bogazkoy, and examples of works from the Hittites and Phrygian periods.
3 — In the small room on the left are exhibited the findings of the excavations in Pazarli and Kussaray and models of the excavation sites.
4 — The large room contains the findings of excavations at Alacahoyuk, ceramics, bones, stone and metal objects from the Prehistoric, Hittite and Phrygian periods. In the central halls of the museum are Islamic period works from the region of Corum. Among these are costumes, wooden door frames, embroidery, jewelry, knitting and stone inscriptions. In the courtyard of the museum are Byzantine period grave steles and building stones from the Classical period.

Visiting Corum and Historical Sights of Corum:
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