Pergamon Ancient City in Aegean Coastline – Chapter 4

Pergamon Ancient City
Trajan Temple is situated on a 68×58 m terrace. This flat area was the climax of Akropolis. The temple was built by Emperor Hadrian in the name of Tra¬jan, who governed before him.The temple is surrounded by three roofed sheds. The back roofed sheds are built five m higher the front ones since the rocks are rai¬sing there. The place of worship is just in the middle of the temple as usual in Ro¬man Age. It has been built in Korine-Style with nine columns, at the longer – and six columns at the shorter side.
Upper Gymnasium: was built on a 200×45 m terrace. There was a yard sur¬rounded by roofed sheds belonging to the central building of the upper gymnasium. The main rooms were in the northern roofed sheds. Since the yard was used for education and athletics its ground was soil and of 74×36 m. The main parts of the gymnasia, the baths were around the education and training are Pergamon, Market-Place. Entrance to City, building.
Kusadasi can be reached both on the sea and on the laneways. At last, we want to emphasize, that Kusadasi is an extraordinarily nice, cheap town of the seashore in which you can peaceful spend your vacation and recover.
Private Istanbul tourism agency arrange daily tours to the historical and touristic places far from IZMIR. It is possible to visit these places and come back in the same day together with guides who know foreign languages. Kusadasi (The Bird Island) Kusadasi is at a distance of 12 km. to Ephes, a wonderful. Joyful touristic spot with cheap hotels, motels, campings, and boarding- houses of which the most worthy of recommendation are the Kervan Metro amp, at a distance of 3 km. to Kusadasi and the holiday village Kus-Tur, a formidable spot in a distance of 3 km. from 1 Kusadasi. Kusadasi is the center of the Aegean traffic, there are every day ships calling the port, coming back and fro to the Greek islands. Tourists spending their holidays in Kusadasi are visiting the historical ruins in the surroundings, and coming back, are shopping at the Bazaar. The Bazaar of the Kusadasi is displaying many wonderful cheap souvenirs, Turkish embroideries, and hand-made nice finery. Cop-paperwork and other items are exported mainly to Greece.