Ephesus Ancient City in Aegean Coastline – Chapter 9

Domatian Temple: The first religious building in Ephesus, built in the name of a Roman emperor, was the Domatian temple. This temple is built just on the other side of the state agora on a terrace of 50×100 m base. This temple was been built in the name of the despotic emperor Domation (81-96 A.C.) who talks of him¬self as “emperor and god”, with very high expenses and labour at the side of the Nightingale Hill; the best region of the town. During excavations, only the head and an arm of a Domitian statue could be found. The head is about 1.60 m and kept in. The Archeological Museum of Izmir. Considering the heads dimensions, one estima¬tes the height of the whole statue as 7 m.
The mentioned statues were set up in the yard in front of the main hall of the council building. This building had served as a meeting hall of the assembly for political activities as well as for visits and important ceremonies and trials.
Odeon: This theatre-like building is known as Odeon. Built just near at the assembly building and on the other side of the state agora, we can imagine that this building acted as Odeon with 1400 seats.
4 State Agora: was divided into passages and a central gallery by two column lines. The passages were about the two third of the gallery in height. There was a column line along the southern passage looking to the agora. The Ionic style basilica was built in the age of Augustus.
Interior of the house of the holy virgin.The holy place is situated on the mountain Aladag (Solmissos) App. Elevated 400 meters.
The picture shows us the holy city with thousands of different visitors who pray run their knees. The lower apartment 15 inhabited by Catholic monks. In the year 1967 pope Paul VI conducted the ceremonies.

The well of the Holy Virgin: The virgin, in the latter Period of her life ‘ often drank of this curing water. Innumerable are the wonders ascribed to this water. Even cancer patients and lame visitors, who made pilgrimage were often healed in wonderful ways. Also, children, who seemed incurable, was healed quickly.