Historical and Touristic Places in the Vicinity of Aegean & Mediterrian

Bodrum: Another holiday district in Aegea is Bodrum. One can go to Bodrum via Mukla or Didyma. There are fairly good hotels, motels, pensions, and mo-camps in Bodrum. The Bodrum Castle has a historical value.
Koyceyiz: Now, the best picture which describes Turkey; sun, forest, sea, and history. It is hardly possible to find all these together in any other country. There is the sunshine in most parts of the country for eight months, therefore it is a-4 available for tourism nearly every day throughout the year.
A night in Marmaris: As known the Riviera of Turkey, Marmaris made a reasonable fame as a holiday district. The main road from Mugla leads to this charming district, which is occupied each summer with a great number of domestic and foreign tourists. The road from Mugla to Marmaris is fairly good. There are travel agencies which arrange regular trips from Izmir central bus station. The pensions, hotels, motels, and mob camps are open in every season of the year.
The Turkish national poetry; The voice of the Turkish people is coming expression through the national poets being guide-posts of the nation. Before the Republican epoch, national poetry was disapproving the cruelty of Sultans, expressed the hopes and wishes of the nation oppressed by them, praising the kindhearted ones and the justice in many songs and poems. Such national poets exist also today. They are reciting their poems and songs before the country population playing some stringed instruments in accompany cement. Their names are well famed in the country. Their songs are repeated all around by everybody, laying on one’s tongue and ringing in the ears. The most famous national poets.are Karacaoklan, Emrah, Pir Sultan Abdal, Asik Veysel and Yunus Emre. As music in accompaniment is played following stung instruments: 1) The small, two stung chirp. 2) The medium sized six to eight-stringed Baglama. 3) The large Diwan Nazi, a stringed instrument with eight and more strings. All around in the Turkey are met this national strung instruments.