Davraz Mountain is a touristic mountain which is located between Lake Eğirdir and Kovada Lake in the Lake District Region with a height of 2635 meters and is also a winter sports center. Davraz Ski Center is located 26 km southeast of Isparta. The closest settlement to the Davraz Kayak Center, which was accepted as the Tourism Center in 17.02.1995, is Çobanisa Village which is 8 km away.
Davraz Ski Center is located on the northern slope of the mountain, and this area includes pine, juniper, cedar and herbaceous plant species. The ski season starts in December and continues until April. The average snow thickness ranges from 50 to 250 cm.
Davraz Ski Center General Information
Transportation Facilities: There are a total of 2 lifts in the ski center, with a length of 1211 meters and a capacity of 1000 passengers carrying 1000 people per hour, a length of 936 meters and a capacity of 800 passengers per hour. There is also a teleski with a capacity of 800 people per hour and 62 babylifts with a length of 300 meters.
The first chairlift (1211 meters in length) has a double seat and starts at 1674 meters and finishes at 1961 meters.
The second chairlift has two seats and starts at 1961 meters and finishes at 2150 meters.
Another transport vehicle is the teleski, which starts at 1961 meters and slides up to 2150 meters.
Characteristics of Slopes in the Ski Center
You can ski in the Davraz Ski Center with the view of the magnificent Lake Eğirdir. Thanks to the excellent ski quality in the ski resort, the risk is even reduced even for those skiing for the first time. There are various courses for every category of skiers (beginner, professional). One of the biggest advantages here is that there is no danger of avalanche and disappearance. At the Davraz Ski Center, all skiers are offered the opportunity to make north discipline, alpine discipline, snowboarding and touring. In total there are 12 runways. The total length of the pistes is 23.5 km. If we give information about these tracks;

Blue Colored Tracks: There are 2 of these tracks which are suitable for beginners to ski and their total length is 4 – 4.5 km. The capacity of the pistes is limited to 750 skiers.
Red Colored Pistols: There are a total of 8 of these pistes suitable for moderate skiers. The total length of these tracks is 15 km and the skier’s capacity is 1,200.
Black Colored Tracks: There are 2 of these pistes suitable for master skiers. Skiers with a total length of 4 km have a skier capacity of 300 people.