Karaalioğlu Park is a very green and large park with magnificent views of Antalya built on direct cliffs. This park is worth visiting in the center of the city, it is one of the places that people like because it is easy to reach. The Karaalioglu Park was built by Haşim İşcan at the beginning of the 1940s and under the difficult conditions of the Second World War in an area of 70000 square meters. From the three great looking terraces that the Antalians call the “mirador”, which stretches into the park, the Beydaglari; Konyaaltı has a spectacular appearance in a colorful rendition of the beach, which seems to be endless and vastly changing. People can watch these beauties admiringly for hours and never before.
It was started in 1941 during Governor Haşim İşcan in the years of World War II when Europe was burnt to the construction of Karaalioğlu Park which is one of the places where Antalya people can breathe with its unique nature and size located in the city center of Antalya.
Haşim İşcan first flows from Çaybaşı, flows under the Atatürk Caddesi, to the sides of the castles and streams the water flowing from the bottom of the castles to the channel that he opened from the middle of Atatürk Caddesi. The water in this canal, which is adorned with newly planted palm trees and colorful electric lamps, is passed through the front of today’s metropolitan building and the Adil Aşçıoğlu’s ice factory on Deliktaş beach is started and poured into the sea as a waterfall.
Karaalioğlu Bahçesi, a bushy excursion area that people traveled around before 1940, is mentioned as a green area in the plan of the region drawn by an Armenian-born Antalya. The ownership of a part of this parking area belonged to Karaalioğlu named person and some belonged to the Special Provincial Administration. The governor Haşim İşcan convinces the owner of the property, giving the name Karaalioğlu the name. The project, which created almost the present view of the park, is implemented between 1940-1943. The head of the Governor Hasim İşcan was appointed by the architect Necmettin Ateş to organize the park with the contributions of the Beautification Society of Antalya, the head of the Special Provincial Administration Director Muharrem Önal at the time. There are about 120 kinds of plants in this park. Karaalioğlu Park is the most charming place of Antalya with its warm and sweet flowers and trees, concrete roads and mirados, gazinoları. The gulf of Antalya watching the park and the steep and snowy Beydağı are like the tables in different colors every hour of the day. The park also has wc, child care, children’s training areas, tea gardens.
Since the Karaalioglu park belongs to the public, the entrances are free. Inside tea gardens services are affordable. Karaalioğlu Park is one of the most popular sightseeing places of Antalya, which is favored by local and foreign tourists. Karaalioğlu Park has many organizations for children to enjoy. This park has everything you need to make happy departure of all those who come to visit the park. Antalya Karaalioğlu Park has a large majority coming from the surrounding provinces and districts of Antalya.