The Olympos cable car sub station is located in Kemer, between Çamyuva and Tekirova. This is 726 meters above sea level and you will have access to it by car or by public transport. You can feel the splendor of Olympos in your breezes while you enjoy the fresh air and the splendor of the wonderful nature thanks to the frequency of the forests of right and left during your journey.
One of the longest cable cars in the world, Olympos Cable Car is 4350 meters long and with its magnificent views, it is almost magnified. The summit point of this place, which has 2 cabins with capacity of 80 people, is 2,350 meters.
If you can set your vacation schedule, you can go to the sea and play snowballs on the same day. We mentioned that the sub station of the cable car is an average of 55 kilometers from the city center. When you reach the bottom station, you will have to hold your hand quickly. Because, according to the time you go, cabins with capacity of 80 people are filling up quickly. If you want to get a place near the glass, we recommend you to be one of the first entrants to the cabinet. Because when you are trapped by the edges of the glass, you will be restricted from the spectacular scenery. If you are not able to be one of the first entrants to the cabinet, try to enter it last time. So you have covered the glass edge of the cabin door.
There are 4 pylons on the cable car line. The cable car changes its angle in its direct passages and causes rocking. You can even feel like you’re in a vacuum. If you feel that you will panic during these transitions, we recommend you to sit down somewhere.
As you continue to rise from the ground, you can see that the vegetation cover has changed, and after a while you will be left alone with the white cover of snow-covered areas. When you reach the summit after a 10-minute cable car journey, you are greeted by a 3-storey facility in the middle of unique landscapes. In this restaurant, which is also located in the restaurant, you can enjoy your stomach by the view. If you want to dominate the whole of the scenery, we can suggest you go to the terrace floor.
If you are not hungry, you can put yourself in the middle of the snow in the middle of the snow, you can make plenty of photos by entering into the room made of snow specially prepared for the visitors.
If you want to walk to the top, we can say that there is not much opportunity for snow. The surroundings of the building are surrounded by strips so as not to move too far.
Apart from the unique landscapes, you can also observe climate change, even a small experiment. When you go up, take your water bottle and open it to the top. You can see that the water is cold because of the air and it sounds like opening the bottle to the can while opening the cover.