Hıdırlık Kulesi The Hıdırlık Tower, located 25 meters from Karaalioğlu Park in Kaleici district of Antalya, is said to have been built in the 2nd century by looking at the materials and architecture used. The lower floor of the historic building is square, the upper part is cylindrical and the height is 14 meters. On the top floor of the castle there is a large stroll between the thick walls and a small room on the bottom floor. The narrow staircase on the bottom is overlaid. Because of the fresco remains that have been lost due to the waters that have leaked from the walls of the lower floor over the centuries, it is possible that a hero was made for a burial.
It is unclear to what date, when, and for whom it was made. It is also thought that the monastery was a Latin-style monument. Very similar are seen in Rome near Italy.
Hidirlik Tower is used as a sea lane and the vessels that come to the bay are followed by these words. It is said to have been used as a defense fortress and burned with a sign fire because it has a very solid structure. The entrance gate on the east side has been locked for years, left with a handful of memories. Only about 5-6 years ago, the doors were opened for the play “Gilgamesh’s Destination” and then the door was locked again. For this reason, the traveler who visits here only travels around from outside. The tower which carries the historical traces of the Ottoman and Seljuk period is one of the most important historical icons of Antalya.
The structure, which has its original function as a grave and continues its function until the end of Late Antiquity, is the center of Christianity’s domination of the whole world and the prohibition of a very godlike religion. In the end, it should at least have lost its pagan mezzanine function. The building was built in the 7th century. Was also used as part of the defense system. With the Byzantine era, its function changed, and a religious structure first became a part of the city’s defense system. This function lasted until the 19th century. Finally, in 1950 ‘s the building of the Municipality of Antalya was used as a warehouse, the building is now closed for general use.
The tower, which dominates the entrance of Antalya Harbor, is accompanied by a wonderful view due to its location. From the top of the hill, it is possible to observe the entire nature with the magnificent blue sea of the Mediterranean Sea, every tone of the surrounding greenery, and the sparkling sun.
Due to its proximity to Karaalioğlu Park which is one of Antalya’s favorite parks, there are many cafes and restaurants around the kulin. Everybody from Karaalioğlu Park can visit and study Kalayıoğlu Park.