Köyceğiz, one of the charming districts of Muğla province, is located at a junction of Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Let’s take a look at where Koycegiz is, how to get there and where to go. The population of Koycegiz, which is named after the sea from here, is around 34.000. The city, which is 740 km away from Istanbul, takes an average of 9 hours when you want to come by car. The distance to Ankara is 615 km and the city has an average distance of 7.5 hours by road. If you prefer air travel, you can arrive at Dalaman with a flight of 1.5 hours from Istanbul, 1 hour and 15 minutes from Ankara, then you can reach Koycegiz by 30 km of highway access. You can specify that city buses are arranged regularly from those who prefer bus services .
Koycegiz is located in the inner part of the village due to its location. Due to the sea, it is worth noting that there is no sea here. There is also a lot of scenic places and historical places to visit in the city by the lake. Although it is a tourist town, it has a very quiet structure and citrus gardens are wrapped around the city.
Köyceğiz Lake: Having a surface area of ​​54 km, the lake’s water is sulfury and quite painful. Water sports can also be done. When you go to Köyceğiz, the forested areas overlooking the lake are also used as a promenade. If you want to have a picnic with your family, we strongly recommend it here.
Kaunos Ancient City: It is necessary to get on the boat from Dalyan to reach this place which is subject to the excursion programs and probably once you have seen it. This ancient city which was a 10 minute walk after the training was an important port city. Over the years, the sea lost its port character after filling it with alluviums. There are many historical sites dating from different periods in the region. Again, rock tombs within this region are succeeding in attracting visitors.
Kaplýcalar: We do not know how much you attract your interest, but if you are on your way to Köyceðiz, we recommend you to visit the Sultaniye Spa. You can also visit the shops on the Ekincik side of Koycegiz by using wheelchair and stretcher. It is said that they went on foot after the cure of curing. It is said that it is calcium, chloride, sulphate, sulfur and radon in the medicinal water having 39 degrees water temperature. It is said that it is good for rheumatism, skin diseases, sciatica and gynecological diseases. It is said that the date of the kaplıcan is based on 2,000 years ago.
Ekincik Village: You are using Hamitköy route to go to this magnificent koya which is 30 km away from Köyceğiz. Accommodation of small and small hotels and pensions around the beach removes the problem of accommodation. After climbing Hamitköy, wait for the first long ramp to come out and wait in a convenient place and enjoy the magnificent scenery. You will probably find yourself in the beauty of Ekincik Bay and extend your holiday for a few more days and enjoy these wonderful natural beauties. And if you want to visit the surrounding areas, you will also discover other places by day boat tours.