Visiting Sites in Ephesus Day Tours

This is a cemetery of martyrs remained from the epoch of King Augustin. The street of Kirtan comes down to the main marble street steeply from here. We are glad to show you all these important places in our Ephesus Day Tours.
The ruins of Ephesus begin from 300 m. out of the mosque. Artemis temple used to be in this marshy place which is on the right side of Selcuk ruins and which was already known one of the seven wonders of the world, but today there is no remnant of this wonderful building, but there is only an obelisk in the museum in London with the inscription of Kresus himself, the king of Lidia.
There exist an archeological museum that is built on the left of the street which prolongs back to Selcuk.
There are so valuable works of art in this museum. When going back, that is, while going on foot along the eastern sides of Panayir mountain, one can see the stories of seven sleepers. You can listen to the mythology of seven youths who looked for a shelter for themselves in running after Christians and then who fell asleep of one century.
There is a hole between Bulbul mountain and Panayir mountain on the right. Thence by the street of Manasya to the door of Magnesia (Manisa) and from here one can go to the city of Ephesus. The door used to have a passage. If we walk eastward we can see on the right the ruins of the eastern school. They are the ruins of the first and second centuries. This was called the school for girls because numerous statues of the girl were found in the diggings. They can go through here to the street of Kuretler, and the cemetery, of Lucas, can be seen on the left. These constructions were made B.C. and later were transformed into a church. Also, it is possible to visit other sights like Manisa, Sardis after Ephesus Day Tours.
On the left among the ruins of a Turkish bath which was constructed’ by Damianos 200 A.D., there is Odeum with a saloon of town-hall . and a small theater which was made to construct by Vedius.