Visiting Ephesus Ancient City of Aegean Coastline

Ephesus Ancient City: Ephesus Ancient City which can be visited in our Ephesus Day Tour, was dug up first in 1886 and the earliest reminders of Artemis temple were found first by Wood of Great Britain.
Austrian Institute of Archeology has tried to explore the old city of Ephesus since 1895. The door of Byzantium on the right side of the Street which climbs the mount where the city wall exists was made up of ancient parts of masterpieces.
This is a construction remained from the 7th century. This is also called the follow-up door. One can pass through this door into Johannes Basilica The church.which is 110 m. long and 40 m. wide was built by Justinian and his wife Teodora on a cemetery in the sixth century. And later in the second century, the church was found as the tomb of Apostel Johannes.
When Ephesus was conquered by Selcuk Turks, this Basilica was trans- formed into a mosque by them. A marketplace was established here after 1330.
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The building which is being restored now was largely damaged because of earthquakes. City walls are on amount north of Basilica. And later these city walls were restored and fortified by Turks. ISABEY mosque lies below and west of Johannes Basilica. This mosque has been built in an area of 2500 square meters. This mosque was made to build by Isabey of Aydin, who was Selcuk Sultan (1375).
The Artemis Temple was one of the seven miracles of the world. The rea- son for this was that it was the greatest construction in the world in Helle Mystic age made completely of marble stone. Today only parts of the base of the temple are left from the magnificent building. Artemis temple is in Selcuk town of the Izmir city in Turkey. Selcuk is old town, you can stay one of hotel or hostel in Selcuk and you can discover Ephesus ruins, the temple of Artemis and around.