The Dark Church in Goreme Open Air Museum Cappadocia,

Karanlik Church in Goreme Open Air Museum
This church is the best example of the 11th-century Byzantine art. The entrance is a narrow, turning stairway. After a small narthex comes the four columned hall of the church. It is built on a basilica plan with a central apse and two side apses, in the shape of a cross. The only source of light is a small opening in the narthex and because of this, the colors remained unfaded. It is the most well-preserved church of the area. On the ceiling of the narthex. Ascension and related themes are painted. Praying of the Apostles is on the right wall. The painting on the opposite wall is about the consolation of Mary by the Apostles. To the left of the small window, there is a fresco indicating the hospitality of prophet Abraham. (His wife Sarah is at the right-hand side, dressed in a light brown gown). At the center, three angels are sitting at the table. Two saints are represented on the right side of the entrance each holding a sword. Vegetable decorations are painted above the arches and inside them, we see three Saints. They are three of the five saints who were killed in Persia. Inside the nave, four small domes are decorated with the figures of the four angels. Christ is seen as the contactor in the two large domes. The frescoes follow this order beginning from the right wall: Supper. (The hand of Judas is on the table, and the names of the Apostles are, Bartholomeus, Jacobus, Andreas, Judas, Petrus, Johannes, Thomas, Young Jacobus, Phillip-pus, Matthaus, Thaddeus, and Simon.) Christ is in the central apse. In the left-hand corner, we see the four evangelists. Nativity is on the same wall to the left. (Joseph is seen sitting, perplexed. Infant Jesus is in a cradle.) Next to it is the bathing of the child. Just above we see the Three Kings from the East with their gifts in their hands. (Their names are Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar and they represent the three generations.) The Journey to Bethlehem is painted on the other corner. Then comes the Baptism, and Transfiguration is above the entrance. Angels Guarding the Tomb, Crucifixion. (Four women of Galilee are watching with grief; Mary of Kleofas, Mary of Mecdel, Joanna and Solome.) Christ arrested by the Roman soldiers. (Inside the Gethsemane Gardens, in the valley of Einar near Jerusalem. Christ is embraced by Judas; at the far left St. Peter is holding a knife in order to protect Christ but he hurts the ear of one of the servants.) The Resurrection is in the righthand corner. (Adam and Eve on the left, David and Solomon on the right.)