Day Trip to Cappadocia from Ankara

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About Cappadocia Turkey, In 1082 the Seljukians captured the citadel of Caesarea and from then on Cappadocian communities were under Seljukian authority. The Moslems with. Iranian background acted really permissively towards the people. The last years of this and the next century passed with the struggle against the Crusaders and with internal conflict among the […]

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Cappadocia Information Turkey, Before talking more about the rock churches a short glance at the Byzantine history is necessary. Before Cappadocia was occupied by Tiberius, Central Anatolia was known as a free continent. The Persians invaded Anatolia at the beginning of the VIlth century. They captured Caesarea in 605 and occupied it until 611. They […]

Day Trip to Cappadocia from Ankara

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Information About Cappadocia Turkey, Cappadocia Turkey Early Christians, 1st to tithe Centuries: Following the Apostolic age, we have a fair amount of information about Christianity in coastal Anatolia. On the other hand, not much is known about first century Cappadocia. Nevertheless, it is obvious that an important number of Christian communities existed during the second […]