Cappadocia was a dream for me, with multicolored balloons in the colorful sky in the sunrise. Although my grandfather and grandmother are from Nevşehir, I grew up in the far away from the home for 25 years, by wondering as much as I am destitute of this beauty.

I realized that there is no possibility to find another place as beautiful and natural life located in the heart of the Central Anatolia Region anywhere in the world. No matter how much this natural beauty I take photographs, my admiration never stops during the travel!

First of all, I would like to say that Cappadocia is a very special place which cannot be possible to trip everywhere into a weekend escape.  Really, it has very beautiful historical structures to visit. For this reason, I recommend that you should stay at least 3 days.Cappadocia

Best Suitable Month for Cappadocia Tour

I suggest you should choose spring months to go to this fascinating place. I am a cold person, and I do not remember that I felt so cold at the end of November.

In fact, the time I went, some places were ice-covered, and the breathtaking coldness of the air makes feel itself. For this reason, if you do not go during the recommended times, April – May – September – October, we recommend preparing your baggage considering the climatic conditions.

2 days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul is the best itinerary of Cappadocia:

The best alternative things are in winter; thick clothes, moisturizer and lip balm and In summer; sundresses, a hat to protect against heat prostration, tanning cream, and sunglasses. As you can imagine, winter in Cappadocia, which has the continental climate, is a very cold and summers are overwhelmingly hot. I cannot say that the airfare prices are very suitable for your budget because it is a very popular place both abroad and up the country.

CappadociaHowever, if you follow the special offer and book tickets before, I am sure you will find suitable opportunities. In the same way, you will have to book for hotels as I recommended. So the nice hotels will not have available rooms at that time.

How to go to Cappadocia?

If you do not go there via car, you can choose Kayseri or Nevşehir as the airport. . The aircraft travel takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Istanbul. We prefer Kayseri.  After you arrive in Kayseri, the travel to Cappadocia takes about 40-45 minutes.  I already warn you that if you use the navigation as the lifestyle to find your way, you will have a lot of difficulty in Cappadocia. Even in touristic areas, navigation is not making the right indication.  I can also recommend that if you plan to travel via the flight to go to Cappadocia and travel there, renting a car will make your holiday easier.

Hotel Selection in Cappadocia

Let’s look at the Hotel choice.  As a person who likes to plan for travels before, I have found a hotel that is suitable for me and family after long research. I booked a reservation about a month ago as beautiful and clean as the five-room place that I chose. Wish Cappadocia Hotel’s stone and cave rooms shows of Cappadocia soul, welcoming guests with the motto of “Place of Wishes”.  It was a very wonderful time and authentic situation to see the balloons in the sky by opening our curtain in the room as it woke up, and it made us very happy to see the sun.

CappadociaThe breakfast was so delightful as you imagine. We had a very nice two mornings, with rich menu including delicious homemade jams (such as banana jam, apricot jam, apple jam, and strawberry jam), all kinds of eggs, spring rolls and regional cheeses, as well as extremely palatable zahter – a blend of powdered thyme (first of all, you should dunk bread into olive oil then the zahter), by enjoying scenery. . In addition, we can easily discover places with the owner of our hotel offering us a nice touristic plan!

I would also recommend that you use your preference for boutique and authentic hotels. Especially, if you prefer the hotels with the landscape, you can enjoy watching the balloons in the air when you wake up.

How to Join a Hot Air Balloon Tour in Cappadocia?

I would like to confess here that I have not been in the balloon while I was talking about so many balloons. It is very pleasant to watch the balloons’ gliding in the air, and I guess, it is probably ten times more perfect to watch Cappadocia from the sky.  However, the balloon ride was a joyous thing, full of adrenaline, and joyful and I gave up on the balloon ride because of the comments I had heard.  With the wind blowing changes in the opposite direction, the balloon can lose its balance and I do not think it is something to ignore. Nevertheless, I did a little research to be able to give information to the readers.

There are about 30 different balloon companies in Cappadocia and their prices are suitable than the old ones. Prices that used to start at 250 Euro, now are around 80-100 Euro.

General Information about Cappadocia

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This mythological place where is jaw-dropping, especially the Japanese who cannot leave their camera machines for a second became the current look with the influence of the volcanoes of Hasan Mountain, Güllüdağ and Erciyes and the wind.

CappadociaFairy Chimneys, open-air museums, underground shelters which are places that make the journey to the past have an atmosphere, a little sad and a little glamorous. It is even called the best mythological place on earth is Cappadocia. So Where did I visit, what are my recommendations?

You can find the best and suitable Cappadocia tour by visiting ToursCe:

Cappadocia Vacation – Day 1

We arrive in Kayseri on Friday. Instead of cultural tours, we might have gone for some food. But there is not another thing to do else eating dinner at Cappadocia. For that reason, we tried to eat the famous Kayseri patty in the restaurant named “Kayseri Mutfağı”. First, spices brought to mix with yogurt. Then each spice was told one by one by the waiter. When we mixed up the spices that we liked with yogurt, we ate and then we started off.

As dark roads were not brightened by lights, we got used to living Istanbul, thought the place as desolate. In fact, as people who got used to seeing the sea, we felt that there was a sea in the middle of the darkness, and then we learned that this feeling was experienced by many tourists.

CappadociaAfter we reached our hotel, we went out to the restaurant named Argos for wine recommendations. This place is also both restaurant and hotel even a big hotel to visit with trucks. Since we ate our dinner, we had a bucked night in the lounge on the top floor instead of the dining area. In the wonderful night at the fireplace, the wines and the cheese plate accompanied us. I can say it’s a little expensive about the prices of Argos. If I did not remember wrong, the price of the duplex room with the pool inside was 1,700 Euro. The cost of the night of wine and cheese cost for us 250 Turkish Liras.

Cappadocia Vacation – Day 2


In the second day, a busy schedule was waiting for us.  We chose to see Kaymaklı from two underground cities named Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı. So Kaymakli had much wider walking areas than the Derinkuyu underground city. But if you have claustrophobia, do not take a step here.

During the travel that towards underground, it was very impressive to see places where people lived hundreds of years ago to protect against attack. It was so emotional to see in there where the grave chambers, the wine cellars, the living rooms, the temples and the dining halls and feel the struggle of mankind. I was very impressed to hear that people who did not go out to shelter in order to hide for 3 weeks. But to me, the most interesting thing was the information that they do not cook food throughout the daytime. Because they did not want to reveal their place because of the smoke, the meals were cooked at night.

Sunset Cappadocia Tour with Wine Tasting and HikeOur second point is the Göreme Open Air Museum. I guess it was the most impressive place in Cappadocia. In this magnificent building where human labor and nature get together, more than 18 churches are carved into the rocks. The most spectacular places of these are the Tokalı Church, the Yilanli Church, and the Dark Church. Entrance to the Dark Church has 10 Turkish Liras extra charge.


Then we reached Avanos. We passed the bridge over Kızılırmak, hanged the handkerchief to the wish-tree and went to the most famous potter Chez Galip. Here you can make your own crockery by yourself for 10 TL like in the Ghost movie.

Day Trip to Cappadocia from AnkaraAfterwards, you can look at the crockery and see the “Hair Museum” located on the top floor and selected as one of the most interesting museums in the world. The story of this place is actually more interesting than its name. This museum inspired by the love of Mr Galip, who was in love with a French woman at the time. When she returned to her country, she left a tuft of her hair so that Mr.Galip would not forget her. From that day to today, every woman left their tufts in there, it maintains its existence. The phone numbers and names on the hair are also interesting. The reason for this is to win vocation at Cappadocia in every year, the winner is 10 random ladies who were chosen randomly.

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Now there is Urgup in the next. As you pass through the Valley of Dervent, keep your eyes peeled to see the camel-shaped fairy chimney. In Ürgüp, you can see the Asmalı Konak’s mansion, the movie and enjoy hot and cold wines in the wine tasting places. The fairy chimneys, also known as the “Three Beauties”, which became the symbol of the region, welcome everyone here.

Ankara to Cappadocia 2 Days Package ToursFor dinner, do not think of any other restaurant than the “Saklı Konak”. First of all, you are enjoying the chef’s preparation for plat du jour. Then you can taste the best haricot, kebap cooked in a sealed clay pot and patty, you can eat in your life. This hidden paradise which opened in the second half of 2013 has become a famous Cappadocia restaurant with a suitable price and high quality. There is not too much table, so there is a comfortable, noiseless and bucked environment inside. However, since I mentioned that there is not a lot of tables again, I recommend you to make reservations before you go. Finally, I would like to say that taste the souffle before you exit from the restaurant.

Cappadocia Vacation – Day 3

The last day, we are sad to return. We have seen so many places, but there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy wonderful views. The Ihlara Valley was on another trip. We had a nice breakfast at our hotel then start off to avoid the flight. We went to the Uçhisar Fortress, which must be seen before returning on the way. Here, after 160 steps, you will confront with a view that will keep on your mind it for a long time!

If you need any help with your Cappadocia tour, please don’t hesitate to contact me!