Ataturk Mausoleum and Museum in Ankara Turkey – Chapter 5

One door in the salon opens onto a balcony, and another to the Library. This Library, where Ataturk would frequently shut himself up for days ‘while he worked and read, contains hundreds of volumes in both Turkish and foreign languages. On the other side of the room are a carved wooden writing desk, a matching writing set, and a globe on the desk. Beside it is a beautiful lamp shade made of tortoise shell. Ataturk wrote his speech to youth at this desk.
From the Library a door leads to a circular walled study under the pointed tower. This room, which is furnished in dark green, was Ataturk’s favorite room. He wrote his Great Speech, which took three months of continuous study, in this room. On the floor is a white bear skin. A door at the back of the Library leads to the pink-furnished Bed Room, which contains a tiled fireplace, a walnut bed, a chaise lounge, an armchair, a table and upright chairs. Above the fireplace is a photograph of his mother, and in a glass case at the foot of the bed are plaster casts of his face and hands taken after his death. A small door leads to the bathroom.
The ceilings of the rooms on the upper floor of the house are decorated with Turkish motifs and patterns.
New House: In time the Old House was found inadequate for a head of state, and in 1932 on Ataturk’s orders the New House, which is today used as the Presidential Residence, was built. Inside the entrance is a large hall, with kitchen quarters to the left, and to the right the aide-de-camp room and a waiting room. On this floor are also a dining room, a winter garden, the ambassadorial reception room, a mirrored salon, and other rooms. On the second floor to the right is Ataturk’s Suite and Library, and to the left the suite used by the President.