Goksu Park is a green park area built by the Ankara metropolitan municipality in the old waterless pond area in Eryaman. The construction of the park, which was opened in June 2003, took place in as little as 3 months. It has a usable area of 508,000 square meters. It covers 127,129 meters of pond. In this section, there are 9 piers as the usage area of the people who enjoy fishing pleasure on the piers established in the pond.
Apart from that, the café is used for recreation, restaurants, picnic areas, amusement parks and hiking areas. The 250,200 meter square was distributed to the green area, 1.6 kilometers to a wooden walkway, 13,000 square feet to be owned by picnic areas. 473 ready-made barbecues were set up in the picnic areas.

What to Eat in Göksu Park

There are various restaurants and cafes around Göksu Park. In the morning breakfast can be eaten in Göksu Park, decorated with a hookah after breakfast. For those who do not have such a habit fall down to enjoy the samovar tea. You can enjoy resting while your children spend their energy all day at Göksu Park. You can discover the park with short walks and you will end up enjoying your dinner at the end of the day.


Altınağ park located in Altındağ town is located in the neighborhood where it is named. On a plot of 640 thousand square meters, it is a park where the majority of the green areas form. The park, which was a golf course in 1977, was parked in 1985 with a major renovation. The park, where the bride and groom are seen by majority, is used as a magnificent decor with its inhospitable scenes.


Fidanlık Mah. The Kurtuluş Park, which is also located in the city of Çankaya, was once a salvation neighborhood. For this reason he got the name of the place he owns. It is a perfect place for hiking. The inside of the park is enriched with right-handed left-handed trees. It will be peaceful to see the birds chirping, and that the leaves provide a wonderful harmony of the individual colors of each season.


The farm, which is a natural wonder, was donated to the treasure by the great leader Atatürk in 1937. Today, it serves as an agricultural and animal husbandry business. There is also a fabulous zoo within which the sale of all natural products is made. The materials found are entirely under the supervision of the agricultural administration. And now the new mansion of the Presidency is in place.