Ataturk Mausoleum and Museum in Ankara – Chapter 4

In 1950 it was opened to the public as Ataturk Museum, together with the original furnishings. The glass creeper door of the Old House leads into a small hall whose walls are decorated with mirrors, and then into the Great Hall. This hall was once used by Ataturk as a Billiard Salon, but now it contains a large table on which are displayed the sixteen flags of the great Turkish states of history. On the right is the Reception Salon, called the Green Salon, and on the left the Ambassadorial Reception Salon and the staircase. The opposite is the Dining Room. At the entrance to the Reception, Salon is a glass case containing the medals and medallions received by Ataturk, and other cases contain vases and objects used by Ataturk. There are oil paintings on the walls. The Green Salon leads to the Dining Room. At the head of the large dining table is the chair used by Ataturk. By the subdued light which filters through a stained glass window, can be seen the tiled fireplace, the billiard table, silver and porcelain dinner services, porcelain vases and pictures. Beside the Dining Room is the lower room of the Tower, a small coffee room with satin curtains, a decorated ceiling, a table and a few armchairs.

The Dining Room leads back to the Hall and from there to the Ambassadorial Reception Salon. In this small room, ‘which is divided off by a screen inlaid ‘with the mother of pearl, is a table and cupboard inlaid with mother of pearl and ivory, Moroccan leather chairs, velvet curtains a brazier and pictures? On the top floor to the right, is a small games room, which was once used as a bedroom. In the center is an Oriental Salon, furnished with carpets and divans, and a decorated brazier.