Conquest of Istanbul

Conquest and Istanbul – Siege of Muslim Arabs

Istanbul has been a sacred destination since the beginning of the Muslims’ expeditionary history. First Muslim Arabs and then Muslim Turks organized expeditions to Istanbul for hundreds of years, some of which surrounded the city. Islam Prophet Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V) proclaimed, Constantine’s conquest and city-conquering commander and troops praised by the soldiers came at the […]

Byzantine Empire

The Second Byzantine Period in Istanbul (1261 – 1453)

The second Byzantine period in Istanbul begins with the Palailogos dynasty taking back Istanbul from Latin in 1261. During this period, however, Istanbul will no longer gain its former importance and character. The city, where all its riches were plundered by the Latins, has lost its reputation as a trade center in the process. The […]

Istanbul History

Istanbul History Part 2

During the Byzantine Empire Period (395 – 1204) After the collapse of Western Rome in 476, the Eastern Roman Empire became a Byzantine Empire and Istanbul became the capital of this new empire. The midle of the 6th century is the beginning of a new period of ascension for the Byzantine Empire and Istanbul. Hagia […]

İstanbul History

Istanbul History Part 1

The history of Istanbul dates back to 300 thousand years ago. The excavations made in the Yarımburgaz cave on the edge of Kucukcekmece Lake are the first traces of human cultures. Neolithic and Chalcolithic people are thought to have lived around this lake during this period. Excavations at various periods found the Lower Paleolithic Age […]