Samsun Ataturk Museum and Samsun May 19 Museum,

Samsun May 19 Museum

On May 16, 1919, the Bandirma Steamer left Istanbul for Samsun carrying the Inspector of the Ninth Army Mustafa Kemal Pasha and his retinue. On Tuesday morning May 19, 1919, at 8.00 am the Bandirma Steamer sailed into Samsun harbor, where Mustafa Kemal Pasha was greeted by enthusiastic crowds. Ataturk first stepped foot in Samsun and Anatolia on this day, in order to revitalize this divided, despairing nation.
After the welcoming ceremony, Ataturk and his colleagues walked to the Mintika Palace hotel where they were to stay. The Mintika Palace is opposite the old Samsun harbor on Gazi Boulevard. This two-storied stone building was built in 1902 as a hotel. The governor of Samsun was informed of Ataturk’s coming by telegraph but on account of illness he passed on the duty of organizing Ataturk’S stay in Samsun to the Director of Special Administration Osman Bey. Os-man Bey opened the Mintika Palace hotel which was closed at the time, had beds brought from the Military Hospital, and the rooms furnished. After staying a week in this hotel Ataturk left for Havza.
After the announcement of the Republic, Ataturk returned to Samsun in 1924 and was presented with the Mintika Palace as a gift by its owners-. Later Ataturk ordered that the ground floor is turned into a people’s library, which was opened on September 22, 1930, and named the Gazi Library. The floor was turned into the May 19 Museum by Samsun Municipality and used to exhibit antique objects. The Museum includes Ataturk’s study, bedroom and conference room. The large room of the museum contains a model of the Bandirma Steamer, and photographs and documents concerning Ataturk.

Samsun Ataturk Museum

With the help of Samsun Governorate and Municipality, the Samsun Ataturk Remembrance Society had a modern Ataturk Museum built at the entrance to the Samsun Fair. This museum is made of stone and colored marble and its facade decorated with bas-reliefs and tiles, with statues and pools at the entrance. In 1967 the museum was put under the control of the Ministry of Education which exhibited objects used by Ataturk brought from Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara and the museum was opened in 1968.
In the cases at Samsun, Ataturk Museum is clothing worn by Ataturk, his hats, shoes, weapons presented to him and other gifts, Exhibited on side panels are a series of photographs depicting Ataturk’s life from his birth to his death.