Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis – Chapter 3

Cleopatra’s Pool at Pamukkale Subsequent to seeing white Pamukkale, I made a beeline for Cleopatra’s pool since it had eateries and toilets offices. A sign at the passageway gloating of the bending characteristics of the water said it calms manifestations of numerous afflictions including adolescent skin break out, hypertension and varicose veins. The pessimist in […]

Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis – Chapter 2

Things to do at Pamukkale and Hierapolis The Ancient Ruins of Hierapolis The Thermal Pools Cleopatra’s Pool The Pamukkale Museum Antiquated Hierapolis City Ruins Taking a gander at the guide, I knew I wouldn’t have the capacity to stroll around wherever in Hierapolis, of which beginnings date from the second century BC. The name signifying […]

Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis

Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis Pamukkale and Hierapolis antiquated city ruins in the Denizli area of Turkey is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nicknamed “Cotton Castle” as a result of its white calcium warm pools cemented in favor of a slope, alongside the historic point structures of Hierapolis, they were the nation’s most gone to a […]