You can likewise visit the Panoramic Museum opened in Topkapı as an alternate end of the week occasion in Istanbul. 360 Degrees Panoramic Museum It is situated in Topkapı where the most troublesome section of Istanbul’s Fethinin. In the Panoramic Museum, you can go on the voyage of triumph in 1453. The all-encompassing picture developed toward the finish of a purposeful work of eight craftsmen, who kept going three continuous years. The main year of the work has experienced the examination. The specialists have been battling with reality. 1/10 scale display work constituted a vital stride, missing on this tally.

From that point onward, an itemized study was completed starting with no outside help. The thickness at which the points of interest will happen has been the subject of open deliberation among craftsmen. A portion of the group has contended that a considerable measure of detail won’t show up at a separation of 14 meters, and toward the end, the craftsmen consented to give excessively much detail despite the fact that they don’t show up from 14 meters. In this manner, a guest will see a detail that he has not seen before when he touches base at the historical center at various circumstances. Moreover, creating cameras with cutting edge innovation will distinguish points of interest.