When you achieve these edges, which is the best district where the popular Golden Horn display can be seen; Which is the name of the acclaimed French author Pierre Loti. The genuine name of Pierre Loti, who lives in Istanbul for quite a while and is a genuine Istanbul darling, is “Julien Viaud”. Recorded Coffee is the absolute best place where you can watch the one of a kind perspective. Pierre Loti, who considers Turkey to be the second country, is said to have composed a novel called “Aziyade” against Golden Horn by frequenting this espresso, known as “Rabia Women’s Coffee” around then. Today, the zone where the first “Turkish neighborhood” has been restored comprises of the spaces serving as vacationer offices. The area is alluded to as “Idris Köşkü Mesiresi” by Evliya Çelebi’s Travels.

In the nineteenth century, there are numerous chronicled structures around Pierre Loti Hill, a visitor of all nonnatives and voyagers from Istanbul. The two wooden Kashgari Tekkesi, dating from 1813, is one of them. Likewise at the passageway of the office is the Çolak Hasan Tekkesi, which has a white round headstone written in Persian before three streets. The verifiable expanding on the back of the Tekke is a Sıbyan Mektebi. A Mevlevi named “Iskender Dede” who kicked the bucket in 1589, is before the Mekteb worked by Idris-i Bitlisi, who is additionally an Ottoman student of history, and inside the office range. One of the three wells at the front of Iskender Dede is the outstanding Wish (or Intent) Well. In the Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi about this well; He composes that “the pastors of the well have seen their desires in their souls.” On the upper side of the bureau are the sarcophagus “Mirabur-Tuğ General” Ali Ağa and the tombs of his family furthermore the “Sarnıç”, which was utilized amid the Ottoman time frame, which is thought to have been worked amid the Byzantine time frame.

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