It is the name given to two close slopes amongst Uskudar and Umraniye in the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus. From these tops are the enormous Camlıca Hill (262 m) in the north and Small Camlica Hill (228 m) in the south. The primary utilization of the slopes in the Ottoman time frame was the season of the Fourth Murat. In the seventeenth century, Çamlıca page was begun to be utilized with the development of some wooden estates of Bağ-ı Cihan. The start of the Çamlıca region’s fame is in the eighteenth century. This area, outfitted with structures in the nineteenth century, After the time of Abdulhamid he lost his essentialness. Today, Çamlıca’da totally in the city zone has remained. Utilize it as a day trip and resting place.

Having Touristic offices in Camlıca, radio and TV inputs are incorporated. Today, the Camlıca slopes inside the outskirts of urban zones are known for their excellent display, water heads and a prominent walk around Turkish writing and songwriting, particularly with the red looked at and pistachio forests protected in Small Camlıca. At Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi, Ivaz Fakîh is alongside the open turbine. It was composed in two columns on the marble wrist trinket: Uttâş-ı âlem was worked with hafr. Ziya Efendi is the purest safet in this place. Sheik ace is a sweat like water from the pen Mind is this bi’r-i lâtîf hayru’l-ehibbâ year 1277 (1860) Ziya Efendi, Karacaahmet Tomb, I anticipated that would persist to persevere. It is an interest to burrowed a well on such a high slope and get water.

In 1995 there was a Bektashi shackle nearby the decimated well. Rulers and rulers are embellished and designed with crowns. There are crowns in urban areas like lords and rulers. Our excellent Istanbul is a recognized case in this sense. How is it that there is doubtlessly the neckline of the Bosphorus Istanbul is Çamlıca. The city that made it gave a marvel; Istanbul has likewise given this two precious jewelery. In the event that you don’t watch the city from Camlıca, you are not considered to have seen Istanbul’s excellence. Yeditepe’ye worked in this city, not the town of Turkey is viewed as the understudy. As per what is in this City-i Istanbul, it is a divine being. This is one of the seven slopes and the Camlıca Hill. This slope, which is viewed as the crown of Istanbul, tries to affirm with the Istanbul it conveys.

Çamlıca Tepesi; For whatever remains of the day when the sultans opened their arms (2.Mahmut), they had facilitated the everyday city inhabitants; It is the main place where artists, artists, painters, journalists have been moving, and even share the most delightful glad minutes of mates. Today, transient flying creatures that don’t have the foggiest idea about the names of the new era and transitory flying creatures that characterize themselves are the clearest and longest.