We will share the Ataturk Museum, its history, and where and how it goes with you one and only. This building, which was transformed into a museum by Sisli Halaskargazi Caddesi and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was one of the houses that Ataturk once lived in Istanbul.

In this museum, photographs about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s life, documents about clothes, revolutions, items used, tables about the National Struggle are on display. In the form of an exhibition in the museum is like this:

At the entrance of the building, there is an article written by Atatürk on the subject of youth and by Atatürk. When you go to the dining room, you are welcomed by the tables on the National Struggle. On the walls of the living room, there are photographs of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s life from birth to World War I.

The first floor contains the bedroom, study room and other rooms, the articles used by Ataturk, the clothes he wore, the photographs of the birth of the years of National Struggle and the revolutions realized by Ataturk.

On the second floor, there are photographs, tables, documents related to Atatürk’s death of Ataturk.

On the 3rd floor owns photographs about the revolutions, various books written about Ataturk, newspapers, photographs of death, and land brought from Anitkabir in a jar.

History of Ataturk Museum

Mustafa Kemal left Istanbul on 13 November 1918 after the end of the First World War and came to Istanbul. After having been in Pera Palas for some time, he became a guest in the house of his close friend Salih Fansa in Beyoğlu. Later, in Şişli, he rented a 3-storey house, now known as the Ataturk Museum.

Mustafa Kemal, who settled in the upper cave by taking her with her mother and her sister Makbule, also reserved the middle floor. Aide allocated the lower floor. Mustafa Kemal, who continued to live in this house until the day he moved to Samsun, has held meetings with his friends many times in this house. Among his colleagues were important names such as İsmet (İnönü) Pasha, Ali Fuat (Cebesoy) Pasha, Kazım (Karabekir) Pasha and Rauf Orbay.

This house was purchased by the former governor of Erzurum in 1924, Tahsin Uzer, and a sign indicating that Mustafa Kemal is sitting is placed at the entrance of the house. This house, which is filled with the memories of Ataturk, is bought by the Municipality in 1928. It is then transformed into a structure which contains many important materials as well as the documents bearing the signature of the goods used by Mustafa Kemal. When the calendars were displayed on June 15, 1942, this building was opened to visitors by the name of Ataturk Revolution Museum in the period when Lütfi Kırdar was the Governor and Mayor.

The museum had a fire hazard on January 9, 1962, and was restored and opened on March 4, 1962. The museum was restored in 1977 to the Turing Automobile Authority and İş Bank and then opened on May 19, 1981. Additional repairs were done in 1989 and in 1991 the museum was opened again.