Beyazıt Tower Sultan II. In the time of Beyazit (1509), the seismic tremor that occurred in Istanbul, the entire city was supplanted by an expression. After this experience, the general population of Istanbul is focusing on the development of wooden structures since they fear the tremor. Thus, fires begin to increment in the city. Perception packs are worked at specific purposes of the city. The tower, which was implicit Ağaçapısı in 1750, gets to be fiery remains in the finish of the Cibali Fire in 1756. The tower, which was reconstructed later, was torched again in the Janissary defiance of 1826. At last, Sultan II. In 1828, Mahmut modified the tower. Senerekim Balyan made by the state of the highest point of the fight was meant the highest point of the fight. It is said that it symbolizes peace.

General Information About Beyazıt Tower
 Beyazıt Tower, 85 meters high. When you include the banner shaft situated at the pinnacle point, this tallness comes to up to 100 meters. You should climb 249 stages to get to the tower. You just need 179 stages to achieve the wake-up segment. The perception tower, which has a region of 50 square meters, has 13 windows. In the event that you watch out of each of these windows, it is conceivable to see distinctive areas of Istanbul. At the highest point of the observation tower is a porch floor. In spite of the fact that this floor is included later, the honesty of the view is not traded off. You should go up 80 stages to achieve these rising floors. This area comprises of 4 floors altogether.

The tower, open for open visits until 1972, was later shut down. The tower, which has been relinquished for quite a while, is being utilized to take after meteorological improvements over and over, alongside the rebuilding work started in 1997. Today, the Istanbul Fire Brigade Headquarters has 4 divisions utilized as the Headquarters Platoon Control Officer. These; Guard floor, sign floor, crate floor, starboard floor.