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Sirince Travel Guide

Hidden, cute, wonderful village Sirince. About half an hour south of Izmir and half an hour from Kuşadası. In fact, my purpose was to go for a short break; But I could not stand and stayed one night. Fruity wine, soap, village bazaar, olive oil ... This is a sympathetic village with history that has more in its essence. The village of Şirince, where the Greeks lived at the time, is hiding on a hill 10 km away from Selcuk and has an incredible history in its tiny world. History dates back to the 5th century AD. There are two different beliefs about the establishment of the village; One of the people who lived in Ephesus, because of the river overflow, set up this village to escape the hill and the other people set up to use it as a summer place by calling a cool region because of the mosquitoes breeding in summer. I do not know which story is true, but I can say that; It is a great chance for the Aegean people and the Turks that this cute village is alive. Looking at the general architecture, we see the Ottoman breezes and at the same time the houses still retain the style of the old Greek houses. In 1923, during the Ottoman population exchange period, the Greeks had to migrate from here and the city of Macedonians was placed, probably influencing today's architecture of the village. Another thing I learned while I was there; The former name of the village was "Kırkınca", and this name began to be called "Çirkince" by the settlement of the Turks, because they had been compensated as "Kirkince" by the Greeks. "Çirkince" because this beautiful niece did not look good, then they turned it into "Şirince".

What is done in Şirince?

There is not much space except for the central and village bazaar that can be visited in Şirince. In the center there are boutiques selling wine and soap made by local aunts, and wine houses. Taking home a variety of soaps, enjoying the flavors of the fruits and tasting from the famous dried tomatoes may be just a few of the reasons to visit here. Sirince Wines Another characteristic of Şirince is that it is a peaceful village with its own unique characteristics. You can find very delicious fruit wines here, fruit wines you see in Istanbul are already coming from Şirince. When I decided to do wine tasting, I experimented with kiwi, strawberry, banana, melon and peach wines, respectively. I bought apple wine by myself. (Wine tasting places: Şirince Wine House, Old Cinema Wine House)

Accommodation in Şirince: Where to stay in Şirince?

When I traveled to Sirince, I decided to spend the night with a sudden decision, and I started looking for a boutique hotel where I could stay. The boutique hotel of Kırkınca Houses is one of the most famous hotels of Şirince. The rooms are generally old-fashioned, wood, very nicely decorated and have a Turkish bath inside. If you want to stay in a place with a reasonable price of $ 150 per day, you can find very clean hostels for 50 TL. (Other famous boutique hotels to stay at: Nana Pansiyon, Otel Şirince Evleri) The sun is slightly inferior from the hill. And life stays after 22:00. The small markets I have been talking about are closing and turning off the lights 10 of the houses in narrow streets. Already you are tired of having to travel a lot during the day, you want to take the time to yourself in your hotel room and take a good night's sleep after a long trip in abundant oxygen clean air.

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