Aspendos is an ancient city in the Belikıs Village of the Serik District of Antalya, which has a worldwide reputation for its amphitheater. 8 km from Antalya. Aspendos in the east, BC. Founded by Akalar in the 10th century, the ancient city is one of the rich and rich cities. The ancient theater of the symbol of Aspendos was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century AD.

The region is one of the first cities to repay money in its name. It is called Estvediys in the first few months. This name, which is of Anatolian origin, is shown as proof that the history of the city is based on very old ones. It was established at the point where Köprüçayı reached the plain from the mountainous region.

He owes it so much and has been kept on hand by all the civilizations that lived there throughout history, owed to the trade route he is on, and to the neighboring city. In addition, the surrounding lake has been extremely fertile. Economically, wealth and richness are partly due to agriculture and abundant salt.

Thanks to the convenient transportation and agricultural products obtained from here and the salt was sent to Mediterranean markets, it became one of the most popular cities in a short time. Some historians refer to horses breeding in this region as the hippest horses of Roman civilization. It is also reported that furniture produced from lemon trees in this region is also used in Roman palaces. In the same way the wine and grain products of the region are also held for the elite of the city and are found to be recipients of high wages. It is known that carpets and rugs produced in Aspendos are among the most popular gift items among the nobility.


It has been thanks to the Seljuks that it has been able to survive until this day, with its dizzying history, all the city that has grown up. Although the ancient theater was used as a caravanserai during the Seljuk period, it was a place where the sultans stayed. Moreover, thanks to the advanced architectural knowledge of the Seljuks, repairs and renovations have been seen and strengthened so that they have been able to survive long without sacrificing for many years.

It is possible to observe the repair marks from the Seljuk period on the outside of the Aspendos theater. Aspendos, visited by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1930, can continue to be a center of attraction in terms of history and touristic thanks to the directives given for the repair, reuse and evaluation of its immediately damaged parts.

There is a mythological story of the historical theater with the capacity that 15 thousand people can sit on. According to Riva, Marcus Aurelius, the King of the Devil, declared that he would give his daughter the architect who would make the city the most beautiful. The king, having difficulty deciding between the architects of the historical water arches and the two architects who built the ancient theater, says that he will divide her into two. On top of this, the architect who built Aspendos declares that he has given up. The emperor gives her daughter to Aspendos’ architect because she believes her daughter will really love her.

The words “to the gods of the country and the royal family …” are the family words of the brothers Curtius, the sponsors of the work. On top of the niches on the stage part is a relief of Dionisos, the god of wine and theater. The ancient theater, which was used as a caravanserai during the Seljuk period, is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year because it is one of the best preserved buildings that can be seen as sunny.

Today, this historic theater is still showing concerts and various games. Natural acoustics are so architectural excellence that the voice of someone speaking on stage can be heard even by those sitting in the back row.

Ancient theater is an ancient city with an aqueducts, agora, basilica, monumental fountain.

Where to stay in Aspendos?

As the ancient city of Aspendos passes for the first degree as a protected area. For this reason, the nearest hotel or accommodation facilities are located in Side, 35 km away.

What to Eat in Aspendos?

With Aspendos private vehicles or tour buses, thousands of people arrive every day, especially in the summer months. For this reason, women from neighboring villages of the Serik district offer their local delicacies on the roads with moving benches. Alternatives like pancake, raw pie are ideal for a short break and snack. Due to the historical structure of the region, there are no businesses in the areas where antique theaters and other antiquities are found.

How to get to Aspendos?

You can go to Aspendos from the 44th kilometer of Antalya-Alanya road by following the return road to the north. There are also day tours of Aspendos within 2 km of that road. It is 50 km from Antalya, 94 km from Alanya and 35 km from Side.