The formation of a periwinkle, which is a symbol of Cappadocia and consists of two large, small periwinkles. Each year, approximately two million tourists visit the region, the most photographed peribacaları three birds, the Urgup highway, five minutes away from the center of the county is located at the top of the cruise.

Peribacals are formed by the flood waters coming down from the slopes of the valley in soft tuffaceous ground and the wind’s tuff abrasion, but the harder layers survive the erosion. It is called as a hatted periwinkle, which is shaped like a rock, which is harder with gold carving. The hoods of the hat-capped peribacas are conical, and the three lovely ones are the best example of these hat-shaped formations.

Three Treasures of Cappadocia

Among the types of periwebs in the Cappadocia region that have different types are the ones with caps, cones, columns, pointed rocks and mushrooms. The magical fairy chimneys can be reddish with greyish-white. These natural wonders are located in the triangle of Avanos, Ürgüp and Üçhisar, in the valley of Soğanlı in Kayseri and around the Çat Town of Nevşehir.

Three legendary legends

Here are the most well-known legends of the three legends that have been told about many stories over the centuries:

The daughter of the king of Cappadocia falls in love with a shepherd, but his father sends his soldiers to his grandchildren as if he did not allow them to get married. According to the legend, the princess, the shepherd and their children, who wish to die a miracle, are turned into stones. The shepherd standing in the forefront, the child in the front, and the one in the back believed to be the princess.

According to another story, it is actually a grandmother with a big hat, a large mother behind it, a dad standing in the front right, a mother right in front of her father, and a child in her mother’s lap who is pregnant. In this story, it was believed that the three families, who are thought to symbolize the family and the abundance, would have children with non-children coming and going up and down the slopes 7 times next to these peribacas.

Three Treasures, Urgup, Cappadocia

Again, according to a very introductory indictment,

The giants living in the region were sending fire waves on people from the top of the mountains when they were young. One day the road to Cappadocia fell to the people of the fairy to help the people gathered and the people of the fairy days worked for the fire with snow and snow have not put out. As the giants entered underground, a warm friendship developed between humans and the peri, people began to live in the small rooms on the pointed cliffs while the people live in the caves where they rock.

Revan, the son of the Cappadocian king, and the people who opposed the love of Gülperi, the daughter of the fairy sultan, decided to fight the periwinkle. The fairy sultan chose to leave Cappadocia after fighting and destroying people. However, thinking that people could not cope with the giants, he ordered them to be pigeons all over the world and told them to stay in the same place again. Gulperi turned into a white dove and placed in the window of Revan’s room every day. Revan, unaware of what happened, took the dove in his window in the palm of his hand, and longed for Gulperi, loving him affectionately and caressing it.

How to go to the Three Reasons

If you come to Cappadocia with a private vehicle to see the Three Voices, these formations are on the left bank of the Nevşehir-Urgup motorway at the entrance of Ürgüp.

Cappadocia can be reached by air, road and railway. The closest airport to the region is Cappadocia Airport in Nevşehir and you can reach the region from Kayseri Airport. You can be at Cappadocia Airport with Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Atatürk Airport, and Pegasus Airlines with a direct flight from Sabiha Gökçen Airport for approximately one and a half hours. From here you can reach Urgup with shuttle vehicles or taxis.

For those who want to reach Cappadocia and the Three Güzeller by bus, there are direct buses to Ürgüp from many cities. If you want to use the railway, you can come to Kayseri from the centers with railway network like Ankara, Istanbul. There are buses that move to Cappadocia Urgup every hour from here.

For those who want to visit the region with their own vehicle, Ürgüp is 300 km from Ankara, 750 km from Istanbul, 790 km from Izmir, 60 km from Kayseri and 20 km from Nevsehir province center. You can reach Urgup from Ankara via Gölbaşı, Bala, Karakeçeli, Kaman, Kırşehir, Hacıbektaş. From Istanbul you can follow the same route from Ürgüp to Ankara after arriving from Tem motorway.

Three Autumns are just one of the magical beauties of Cappadocia. Dilerseniz you can browse the Cappadocia Travel Guide, you can explore this beautiful geography.