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Düzce Travel Guide


Düzce is a province in the Western Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region of the Republic of Turkey.


The history of Düzce, the only ancient city of Western Black Sea survivor, It goes back to Hittite (Eti) Civilization, which ruled between 1390-800. The commander of Orhan Gazi, Konuralp Bey, participated in the Ottoman lands after the war that he had done in 1323 with the Byzantine Tekfurları. Until 1869, the Kastamonu Province Bolu Mutasarrığı was a subdivision of Göynük Town. In 1869 (according to some rumors, in 1870), it became a province in accordance with the Decree Law No. 584 published in Bolu Sanjak and b. Geographical Structure and Climate The province's territory consists of a pit outside the shore, surrounded by mountains surrounded by plains. The Akçakoca Mountains to the north, the Bolu Mountains to the east, and the western extensions of the Abant Mountains to the southeast and south are located. Düzce Plain is very important in terms of agricultural production in the middle part. The main stream of the province is Melen Creek. This stream, which originates from the Akçakoca Mountains, is called the Melen River, which is also called the Melen Lake. The section between the Lower Melen River and the Melenağzı, which is part of the lake, is also called the Great Melen River. The completion date of the Hasanlar Dam constructed on the Küçük Melen Stream in order to irrigate the agricultural areas and protect them from floods is 1972. Hasanlar Dam Lake is the only artificial lake on the left. Climate and Vegetation Cover Düzce is under the influence of humid and not too harsh climatic conditions in the coastal areas of the Black Sea Region. The annual average temperature is 13.1 ° C, the average precipitation is 845 kg / m 2 and the average relative humidity does not fall below 70%. Düzce is an environs rich in natural vegetation. The shoreline is covered with shrubs and pseudo-facings, while the mountains behind the shoreline are covered with forests of hornbeam, beech, chestnut and beech. The mountains that surround Düzce Plain have broad foliage in the lower parts and forests in the higher parts consist of the black pine, the yellow pine and the fir trees. The population of the province is 323,328, of which 162,505 are women and 160,823 are women. 157,894 of the province's population live in the city and 165,434 live in the village.

Economic Status

According to the 2001 data of the DIE, Düzce, which has a 0.2% share in Turkey's gross domestic product, is in the 63rd place among the provinces. Again, in the same year, it ranks 59th among the provinces with GDP per capita of 1,383,874,517 TL (1142 US dollars). The distribution of GDP is as follows: 28% agriculture, 24.6% industry, 11.2% trade, 24.9% services, 4.7% construction, 5.6% other sectors. The share of government services in GDP is 11.5%. According to the records of the Provincial Directorate of Düzce in Turkey, the number of unemployed persons, which was 6.363 at the end of 2006, was found to be 5,846 at the end of 2007 as a result of the placement of a total of 1,845 people in 2007, 30 persons in the public sector and 1,815 persons in the private sector. Our Law No. 5084 "Enforcement of Employment and Investment Law" is within the scope. industry and Commerce Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1959 and consists of 11 professional committees. The number of members is 3,733. 283 joint-stock companies, 1.911 limited companies, 22 collective companies, 3 joint limited companies, 2 joint limited companies, 210 cooperative companies and 1.304 true persons are operating. Private and Officially, 23 bank branches serve in Düzce. With the adoption of Düzce's Law No. 5084 on the "Incorporation of Investment and Employment", there has been a change in the structure of the industrialization and with the addition of the 1st and 2nd Organized Industrial Zones to existing small industrial establishments, they have started to establish large scale factories. Düzce 1. Organize Industrial Zone has been allocated to 55 companies on a 200 hectare area, 1.5 km away from TEM highway. The production of 35 industrial enterprises has been started in the region where the infrastructure is completed. A total of 4,593 workers are employed. It is expected that 9,360 jobs will be provided when all of the companies are operating. In order to meet the investment demands affected by the Law No. 5084, the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone, which is established on 81 hectares of land, has been allocated to 9 investors in Tepetarla Mevkii. 1,200 people will be recruited when the production is over. 80% of the "Küçük Sanayi Sitesi" which is being constructed in the center of Düzce and which is being constructed on an area of 120.000 m2 with a closed area of 458.000 m2 is completed. The rules of completed workplaces have been drawn up and their rights have been set. When all is completed, approximately 5,000 to 7,000 people will be employed in 800 workplaces. The construction of the small industrial site in Akçakoca District should be completed and some infrastructure should be provided for the construction of the infrastructure. In the industrial sector, the primary business sector is forest industry. At the second level, the predominant business line is the hunting and rifle industry. Textile sector is rapidly developing in our city and we have a total of 129 textile companies that produce 89 ready-to-wear garments and 37 lace-fisto-gypse brooches registered in the room. Ilden Major products exported to European countries, Middle Eastern countries and Turkish republics; Hanger rifles, hunting rifles, hunting rifles, MDFs, woolen wool, spiral steel pipes, furniture, laminating parquet, steel spring, semi-automatic pistol, Lam, tie, scarf and stockings. Agriculture & Livestock 35.94% (91.915 ha) of 259.300 hectares of area of Düzce is agricultural land. 124,122 hectares of land (48,19%) is forest area. 39,536 hectares of Düzce land area with 7.932 hectares of pasture and meadow area are agricultural land. The irrigable agricultural land is 52,153 hectares; A total of 23,510 hectares, of which 16,713 hectares of state irrigation and 6,797 hectares of public irrigation are irrigated. Nuts, beets, corn, wheat, paddy and Virginia tobacco are planted in the areas outside the forest area. 80% of the 32,500 hectares of Düzce Plain are reserved for hazelnut and poplar production and the remaining area is cultivated for field and vegetable cultivation. In Düzce province, animal husbandry is being done with modern methods. The main livestock activity is cattle breeding and poultry farming. There are 40,500 cattle, 11,000 sheep, 277,000 eggs, 29,000,000 broiler chickens and 176 trout farms at 17 trout farms. The most important animal product is white meat. Milk, skin and eggs are other important animal products. Within the scope of the Agricultural Publication Development (Tar-Gel) Project, 13 ministerial staff quotas were assigned to the ministry to be employed in Ilimiz villages and villages. 11 agricultural engineers' service contracts were made and the relocation started at various centers. Of the 98 Agricultural Development Cooperatives established in our province, 7 are closed, 8 are in liquidation and 83 are active.


Plain forests are highly qualified and efficient. One of the main activities of the villagers in the forest is forestry. The logs obtained from these forests are important as industrial raw materials. There are 15 coating factories in the city, 400 timber and parquet processing factories or workshops throughout the province and an annual average of 500.000 m3 forestry is processed in these facilities.

Culture and Tourism

Plainly, it is one of the rare things that cultural diversity meets with natural beauties. The Konuralp Museum, which has the collections of sculptures, ceramics, coins and ethnographic artifacts in the region of Konuralp, which shows the characteristics of the civilizations that have been dominant in the region during the historical period, has a total of 6,188 historical pieces including 1,825 archaeological works, 426 ethnographic works and 3,837 coins There are works. There are a total of 144 immovable cultural and natural monuments in our city, 110 civil architectural structures, 25 religious-cultural structures, 4 military buildings and 5 natural monuments. There are a total of 4 public libraries belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, one of which is under construction and one of which is under construction. The others are located in the province of Akçakoca, Çilimli and Yığılca. In addition, the construction of a new Public Library has been completed and activity has been completed within the new Government House Garden in the city center. Every year, many festivals and festivals are organized in which our cultural diversity is exhibited. Hıdrellez Spring Festival, Yığılca Hasanlar Dam Sailing Races, Nature Walking, Çilimli Upper Karaköy Türbeleri Remembrance Activity, Bekiroğlu Village Nettle Festivals, Plaka Festival in many villages and in some parts of the central districts of Gölyaka, Kaynaşlı, Çilimli districts, Düzce-Akçakoca International Tourism, culture and hazelnut festival activities such as villages, nature, natural areas and the beauty of city life, and these formations are reflected in the city people. Plain; It is not only the place where the Western Black Sea is the tomb of Prusias and Konuralp Bey, the only ancient city, but also has extraordinary natural beauty. With its rivers, lakes, rivers and a 29-kilometer coast to the Black Sea, every tourist destination is a suitable city. Touristic Facilities in Duzce Number of Facilities Number of Rooms Number of Beds Tourist Resort Facilities Facilities with Tourism Operation Certificate 7 264 503 2006 Beled. Facilities with Operation Certificates 29 575 1,382 YEAR TOTAL 36 839 1.885 58.025

Youth and Sports

There are 3 sports halls with 750 spectators in the center, 500 in Akçakoca and 300 in Çilimli. There is also a theater hall with a capacity of 260 spectators in the province center, and various activities can be performed in the provinces and districts, including spore theater in multipurpose halls built in some schools. Again, 5,000 in the province center, 750 in Akçakoca, Çilimli and Gölyaka also serve 250 spectators in the field of football. There are also football fields in Cumayeri and Yığılca Districts. In the Ilisu Olympic House, various courses are organized and activities are organized within the scope of Youth Services activities. In 2006, folk dances, handicrafts, computer, English, guitar, connection and theater courses were opened. There are rafting facilities built in the town of Cumayeri in the center of the village of Dokuzdegirmen along the Büyükmelen River and it is an important facility in terms of the region where rafting can be done from the beginning of November to the end of March There are 36 youth and sports clubs registered in our city, 2,945 licensed athletes and 12 national athletes. The athletics track, basketball and volleyball fields, tennis courts and football field were used with the resources of the Special Administrative Region in Siralık Mevkii which was owned by Düzce Special Provincial Administration and used as a prefabricated area after the 1999 earthquakes. It was transferred to the Municipality of Düzce with a protocol of soccer grounds located near the city stadium and it was covered with artificial grass and opened to service. The construction of the gym in Çilimli district center was completed and the activity was presented. Akçakoca Sports Hall was also maintained and repaired. In the cemetery area of Gümüşova District, 21.000 m2 area was allocated from the village muhtar for the construction of shooting polygons for 18 years in 2001, the construction of Trab-Skeet shooting polygon is completed, shooting and hunting competitions are continuing. The necessary works have been carried out to organize the facilities belonging to Akçakoca District and owned by the General Directorate of Village Services as National Teams Camp Center.


Health care; The Health Directorate in the center and districts are being carried out by the District Health Group Presidencies. The healthcare facilities in our city are as follows: State Hospital (Merkez-Akçakoca) 2 (Bed Capacity 383) Private Hospital Hayri Sivrikaya Hospital 1 (Bed Capacity 65) Pharmacy 78 Family Health Center 31 Community Health Center 8 Family Physician Unit 104 (97 active, 7 empty) Contracted Family Physician 97 Contracted Family Health Member 74 Employee of Family Health 23 112 Control Center 1 112 Emergency Help Station 7 Number of ambulances 35 Rice Death Rate at Our Degree 1.5 Death Rate at Baby Death Rate 8.1 Death Rate at Population Rate 11.4 There are 104 specialist physicians, 165 general practitioners, 264 nurses, 144 midwives, 20 dentists and 697 health personnel. In our knowledge, I., II. And III. The sum of the Ministry of Health and University Physicians serving at the stage is 588, according to which the number of physicians falls to 565 persons (720 according to Turkey average 2006 data). According to the data of 31 January 2008, 44.130 people were given green card. The ratio to total population is 13.64%. With the introduction of the "Law on the Practice of Family Medicine Pilot", Düzce Province became the first and the only province in Turkey to implement this application and since September 15, 2005, the practice has been initiated and the province has been selected as an exemplary province in Turkey in terms of making health services more efficient and improving. In Düzce, there are 1 Public Health Laboratories, 1 Tuberculosis Dispensary and 1 MCH / FP Center in the scope of preventive health services and there is no change in the duties of these units since family medicine pilot application has been started.


Provincial National Education Directorate: In our province, 194 elementary schools (excluding 1987 classrooms private schools), 8 independent kindergartens + 149 kindergartens (206 classrooms), 3 private and 4 private pensioners, (Excluding 516 class private schools), 14 of which are general and 12 of which are vocational and multi-curricular. There are 8 primary schools and 1 secondary school (Düzce High School). Number of students per classroom in primary school + primary classroom: 17 Number of students per classroom in primary school 22 (Turkey average 37) Number of students per classroom in secondary school: 25 (Turkey average 31). In these schools, 4,146 kindergarten and kindergarten students, 45,857 primary school students, 6,956 general, 7,098 professional and 295 private high school students, 14,249 secondary school students are enrolled. Pre-school enrollment rate: 38% Primary enrollment rate: 100% Secondary enrollment rate: 85% There are 101 kindergarten and kindergarten teachers, 1,089 class teachers, 1,630 branch teachers, 160 master instructors, 17 primary education inspectors and 252 administrative staff. The number of norm staff in our school is 3,862 and 2,976 teachers are currently working. During the 2006-2007 academic year, a total of 9208 students from 295 settlements were moved to provide education and training. Our literacy rate is 98%. (Turkey average is 87%) Düzce University With the Law on the Establishment of New University Establishment numbered 5467, which was accepted on March 1, 2006, it was decided to establish a new university in the name of Düzce in the province of Düzce and the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Forestry, Technical University, which continues administrative and academic activities under the direction of Abant İzzet Baysal University The Faculty of Education, Düzce Vocational High School, Health Vocational High School and Akçakoca Tourism Vocational High School and Akçakoca Vocational High School have formed the core of the newly founded Düzce University. There are 28 professors, 23 associate professors, 108 assistant professors, 64 instructors, 253 research assistants, 16 lecturers, 5 experts and 402 administrative staff in the faculties and high schools where 5.609 students have studied. The services for the housing of students in higher education are carried out by Düzce Avni Akyol Dormitory Directorate, which is organized in our province according to the Regional Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution. Düzce Avni Akyol Student Dormitory Management Center and Beçiyörükler Village in the 3 blocks of 6 blocks in the form of providing housing and subsistence services for the students. All buildings are equipped with a heating system. There are also basketball and volleyball courts in the garden of the two districts. There are a total of 1,670 students, 704 girls and 966 boys in our high school student dormitories in our province.
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