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Edirne Travel Guide

Edirne Travel GuideEdirne

The climate of the province stiffened from south to north; While the southern part of the Aegean Sea coast has a more mild Mediterranean climate, the continental climate that is manifested by hard winters is dominant in the northern part of the province center. 2010 According to TUIK, there are 9 districts, 15 towns and 248 villages with central districts in our province. The origin of the name The city, which was founded by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the name of Hadrianapolis (Hadrian's city), has begun to be known as Edirne over time. In today's greek (Aδριανούπολις) still the first name of the city is used. Until 1930, when the Turkish Postal Services Act was published, the city's international name was Adrianople (English). The name Edirne evolved from the names given by the Macedonians (Odrin) and the Serbs (Cedrin) to the city.

Culture and Education

Organized since 1357, Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling attracts many local and foreign tourists in the summer months. With the establishment of the Republic, education institutions in Edirne also showed a rapid development. In recent years, Edirne has become one of the leading cities in Turkey in terms of the level of development in education. The literacy rate in Edirne has been above Turkey in the Republican period. In recent years, the literacy rate has reached 99%. Folklore As in other illusions of Trakya in Edirne province, 9/8 rythm is heavily burnt folk turkish propaganda. Other Behind Sublimated Bondings, Karakuşun Hightreme Game, Cranberry Oldu Mu, Tassel Window Flying, High High Heights House Buildings are available. The people who live in Edirne province, with their own unique velvety melodies and an inseparable part of the local weddings, constitute an integral part of Edirne folklore. The most famous of them are: Gümüm Teke, Kako Sali, Anako, Rainfall, Tongs.


It is known that the oldest people of Edirne, Odrisler of the Traklar family, founded a city in Edirne where the present rivers of Meriç and Tunca merged. In the Macedonian Period, after the Odysler, the town became dominant, and the change of the name of Odrisia, probably Odrisia or Odrisia, started as Orestia / Orestas. İS II. In the 19th century, the Roman Emperor Hadrianus (117-138) gave his city status here and put his name on account of the strategic importance of Orestia Town. Thus, during the Roman period the city was referred to as Hadrianopolis / Hadrianupolis / Adrianupolis / Adrianapolis. Adrianopolis changed over time as Adrianople / Adrianopel. At the beginning of the Ottoman period Edrinus / Edrune / Edrinabolu / Endriye was called. In the History of Aşıkpaşazade written in 1476, the name of the city is Edrene. It is seen that at the beginning of XVI.yy the city was named Edirne. Edirne was conquered by I. Murat in 1361 and became the capital of the Ottoman State for 88 years (1365-1453) until the capture of Istanbul. He deserved various titles in his history. Edirne, "Happiness Gate" is a "City of Festivals" during the periods of happiness. II. From Murad IV. Celebrations of victory up to Mehmet, circumcision festivals, marriage ceremonies of Mehmet II were "as much as to make Istanbul a compromise". Edirne, of course, remained in every remembrance as a "Der-i Saadet". In the words of this "Serhat City" Evliya Çelebi, he has met disaster many times in the history of "An Islam Duvan". He was overwhelmed by the siege and occupation. Edirne, remembered as the "Happiness Gate" with his festivities, said: "It is always necessary to put Edirne, who is burnt to the ground. Edirne has always been a city where cultural events are intense. Architectural innovations have come to this city's structures; The most beautiful examples of the art of calligraphy and ornamentation are given here, many of the masses have witnessed intense debates, and the first practices that have passed into the history of medicine have begun. Finding his identity in the original Ottoman period and the second city of the empire, Edirne is the most intense city of our cultural heritage. It is the city that best meets the features of being a border city and the first to meet those who come to my country with the Edema, the mosques, the bazaars, the bridges, the historical houses and especially the Magnificent Selimiye.
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