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Sile Travel Guide

Sile Travel GuideŞile is attracting the attention of all seasons due to the beautiful seashore section, beach and sea, especially with summerhouses and weekend vacationers, as well as the surrounding villages and many residents of Istanbul. There is a nice picnic area arranged by the municipality at the entrance to Şile. Turn left without entering Şile, you will come to Kumbaba camping and caravan area and Kumbaba beach in the shade of trees about 2 kilometers along the creek. Kumbaba beach is ideal for sea lovers. The sand of Kumbaba beach is also well known for rheumatic diseases. Places to visit and see in Şile; Şile Castle, Şile Lighthouse and Historical Şile Houses and Hanımsuyu Fountain, Ottoman Bath and Church Remains, located in the center of Şile, Baptistry and Church Remains in Yeniköy; Sarıkavak Castle in Hasanlı Village; Heciz Castle located in Yesilvadi; The ruins of the Church in Saruhan Mezar and Kabakoz Village in Sortullu Village are worth seeing. Çile beach and beach, Değirmençayırı Waterfall, Şile Castle, Şile Lighthouse, Onbir Göller Valley, Kumbaba Hill, Crying Rock and surrounding villages are among the other places to visit and see. The Crying Rocks are a source of water in the eastern part of Şile, located at the back of the Şile Fenerin about 500-600 meters behind the rocks. He received this name because he looked like a man crying in the form of an image and flow. Hanımsuyu Fountain It is a historical fountain built in 1871 during the Ottoman period. The fountain, which is still active, is worth seeing as a historical monument. Another historical fountain in Şile is the 600-year-old Kucukoz Fountain, built in the village of Kabakoz and built during the Byzantine period. Kumbaba Hill and Campground, one of the major and touristic places of Sile, is magnificent with its scenery and nature. Akçakese, which is one of the surrounding villages, Kabakoz and other famous holiday town Agva are also worth seeing.

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Black Sea Tour From Istanbul
Black Sea Tour From Istanbul for Sile & Agva is one of the best option to escape into nature. It is an natural and relaxing tour. You will see the natural green forest and visit old fishing villages. Best way to explore Black Sea in a day from Istanbul. You will love Sile & Agva towns on the Black Sea.
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