house-of-virgin-mary-photo_1348883-770tallHouse of Virgin Mary, İzmir Selcuk Tagi Bulbuldan is the mother of Jesus’ mother. The church believed to have been with Jean (John). It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians. Until today, there are visits by the popes. It is thought that the grave of Mary is also in the Bulbul. There is a small Byzantine Church in the ruins of the Virgin Mary Main, which passed by the upper door of Ephesus ancient city. Here it is believed that Mary the mother of Prophet Jesus lived and died. In addition to Christians, Muslims are regarded as sacred and visited, sickness is sought for healing, and vows are devoted. Taking the name of the Mother Mary may also depend on the fact that the Ecumenical Parliament, which assembled Ephesus in 431, decided that Mary gave birth to Jesus as the son of God. The house where Mother Evin is housed is also interesting. In 1967 Pope VI. Paul and Pope II in 1979. It was visited by Jean Paul. The Virgin Mary House, which was declared sacred by the Vatican, has become a favorite, sacred place visited by Christians from all over the world.