One of the natural beauties in our country is the Ihlara Valley in Aksaray. Not to mention the Ihlara Valley when speaking about the locations in Nevşehir and surrounding areas. I will brief you briefly on how the vineyard is formed before speaking about the natural beauty of the valley. The volcanic lava flows from the volcanic movements in Hasandağı, located in the region in the past years, form a volcanic layer in this region. Over time, this layer is worn out due to environmental reasons. In addition, the Melendiz Stream passing through the region carries deeply the base of the canyon vanguard, leading to the formation of roads in the region. The resulting depths reach up to 120 meters in certain parts of the vanguard.

General Information about Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley has many churches in it. However, only 14 of them came up to date and 10 of them are still alive. The story of the churches in the vast reaches to the 6th century. The name of the region in the past periods is Peristremma. The most important reason for the presence of churches in this area is that it is an important religious center for the Christian world.

These churches, which have been carved from the rocks since the earliest times for the Christian world, have spread over certain points of the valley and are located within an area of ??about 14 km. Clear information about when only two of the churches in the valley are built can be given. These churches are the Direkli Church (976 – 1025) and Saint Georges Church (1283 – 1295) and they were built in the specified time.

We are not mistaken to say that the Church of Saint Georges still preserves its first glory. The picture of the dress, which is believed to belong to the Seljuk Sultan, even in the ornaments of the church, offers clues that the Turkish ruler also helps in the construction of the church.

After the Seljuks took control of the region where the various churches were built until the 11th century, the construction of the church was stopped. But in the present churches, Christians continue to worship well. After 1924, church worship is complete. Also Melendiz Stream flows through the valley.

Ihlara Valley Travel Guide & Places

Eğritaş Church: One of the oldest buildings in the valley, the construction of the church goes as far as the 9th century. The church built in the form of a large temple ‘Hz. It is alleged to have been dedicated to Mary. Also in church; Mary, who lives between the two angels, Mary, who is between two angels and six bishops, the dream of the prophet Joseph, escape to Egypt, baptism and entrance to Jerusalem. Even though they are worn, the vitality of the colors is achieving to attract attention today.

Kokar Church: The church built in the 10th century is one storey and has a cross plan. There are 2 burial chambers in the church.

Pürenli Seki Church: There are a total of 4 sections in the church built in the 10th century. The name of the church is taken from the pueren trees that grow in the region.

Daniel Church: The church, which is believed to have been built in the 5th or 6th century, is cross-planned and has a domed structure. It is one of the churches that succeeded in reaching the sunrise.

Sümbüllü Church: The name of the church built in the 10th century comes from hyacinths that grow in the region. Today, it is necessary to enter a narrow window to visit the church.

Yılanlı Church: Because of the destruction of the main entrance of the church built in the 9th century, today a different entrance to the church is provided.

Melendiz tea on the way to the Ihlara valley, the home-style bar is built on top of the appetite. A place where you can not go to eat when you come here .. We recommend you take lots of photos against this beautiful view. We can say with pleasure that prices are reasonable even though the price paid varies according to the menu.

Ihlara Valley Admission Fee And Visit Times

You can visit the Ihlara Valley at the time of year.

Visit times are; It is open between 08.00 – 18.15 between April and October, between 08.00 and 17.00 between November and March.

Valve entrance fee is; It’s $ 10.

Where is Ihlara Valley, How to Go?

Address: Güzelyurt, Ihlara / Aksaray

There are different alternatives to go to Ihlara Valley.

If you want to go by bus from Aksaray direction, there are certain times of day. (11.00, 15.00, 17.30). The average distance is around 45 km.
Another alternative way to go to Ihlara is through Niğde. When you use this route, you will pass through the villages in the region and enjoy a pleasant journey.
Istanbul and its environs can follow the path of Bolu Mountain and go to Ihlara from Aksaray without ever hanging on to Ankara’s traffic. Then you can reach the Ihlara Valley with signboards.