Kekova Sunken City, (Dolichiste in Lycian language) is a small, rocky town near Kaleköy and Ucagiz, near the town of Demre in Antalya province. He often referred to the sources as “Kakava”. No one lives on this island, with an area of ??4.5 km². There are pensions and cafes on the island and access to the island is provided by boat. There is Dolichiste (Kekova) Ancient City on the island that makes up the sunken city.

This is the first time XIX. Cramer announced at the beginning of the century. Often he referred to the sources as Kakava.

In the 2nd century BC, Kekova harbor, the commercial center of Lycia, which was flooded by powerful earthquakes in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, became a major tourism center of Turkey in recent years. Lycian sarcophagi are found in the sea.

It is seen that most of the historical works underwater diving in the region where the water and the diving are prohibited have been demolished and some of them have been under the sea sand due to the currents. About 30 meters off the coast of the island of Kekokava and 20 meters deep, hundreds of amphoras were made by treasure hunters.

Kekova waters near Antalya’s Demre county has historical texture and the cleanest sea of the Mediterranean, attracting hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists each year.