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Corum Travel Guide


Is a member of the Central Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region of the Republic of Turkey. Corum is known as leblebisi. The soil and machinery industry has developed considerably. Part of the city is in the black sea region and part of the city is the inner city. It is the most developed city in its surroundings. There are a total of 13 districts and rice production in the district is the largest district sungurlu'dur.osmancık extremely high level and this level for associated with Pirinc's taste is more in Corum. Corum homeland of the world's best Chickpea production and Regions of the best rice production sahipdir.ayrı by the little-known but plants capers, which are especially the most important source of livelihood in Spain of European countries in Turkey in Turkey again visited the district Osmancik ilcesidir.zir Evliya Celebi and his book of the plant's benefits this plant is quite bahsetmiştir.b day of work initiated by the private sector by establishing reception centers capers country's economy in order to ensure its contribution to Turkey's economy and contribute to the livelihood of the people of amaçlanmaktır.


2010 According to TUIK, there are 14 districts, 24 towns and 727 villages with the central district in our province. Districts; Central Bogazkale, Dodurga, İskilip, Osmancik, Pike, Sungurlu, Ortaköy, Oguz, Uğurludağ, Lachin, Mecitözü, varied, Bayat. While there were 750 villages in the country in 1980, according to the provincial official records in 2001, this number has decreased to 732. The village, which is mostly connected to the village, is Çorum, which is the central district; In 1980 there were 208 villages; in 2001 this number was 197.


Corum province has been inhabited since the beginning of the historical period. The first central Anatolian political union and state established during the ages at that time came out of these lands and ruled the anatolia. Kadim is the capital of the Hittites in Hattusha Corum. Looking at the date of transfer Alacahöyük Hattushash, İskilip, Kuşsaray, Pazarlı, Eskiyapar, Büyükgülücek and Balimsult village around the archaeological excavations and the Early Bronze Age dated to vehicles with understandable that Chalcolithic speed of torpaküs he finds, equipment and siah were found.


Libraries: There are a total of 20 libraries in the province, 18 of which are public and 2 are children. According to 2006 year-end statistics, there were 228,482 books in total. Most libraries are libraries; Çorum Hasan Paşa Library 47 303, 38 046 pieces and Sungurlu İskilip Public Library Public Library 123 547 19 866 Total rest of the book is 17 people and the children's library. There are five libraries in Çorum with a total of 72,805 total book assets and 155,677 books in the other 12 districts and three town libraries. İskilip Public Library 38 046 units, Sungurlu Public Library 19 866, Mecitözü Public Library 14 468, Osmancik 13 106, Pike 11 575, Pied 10,023, Bayat 9566, Boğazkale 7474, Uğurludağ 7188, Oguz 6066, Arifegazil in 5884, Ortaköy 5006, Alacahoyuk 3349, Dodurga 2617, Hacıhamza 1.443. There is no library in Lacin province. The Republic of Turkey has a total of 28 'Handwriting Works' libraries. There are two copies of this Handwriting Works Library in the province of Corum, in the province of Çorum and Iskilip. There are 529 manuscript books in the Iskilip Public Library and in Çorum Hasan Pasha Library, which were collected from provincial and district centers in the first years of the republic. İskilip District Public Library: The Iskilip Library is the oldest known library in the nearby geography; Hacıbey founded in 1258, Cecebey in 1272, Sheikh Habib in 1476, Ebusuud in 1480; by 1735 the Hocazade Founded in 1818 Tailors Bakr network was established in 1841 Camii Kebir libraries established vakfedilerek in 1272 with a law in 1924 Cece Bey Madrasa library has collected and created through activities under a single library roof. As it is the oldest library in the province, it is the oldest library in Turkey. There are a total of 38,046 books in 2006 with a stone print edition book and 529 manuscript books written in 1443 Arabic alphabet which is a historical value in İskilip District Public Library. A private reading room for the elderly was opened in Iskilip Public Library in 1996 and this is the first practice in Turkey. Since 1924, the library has been serving in three different locations and has moved to its present location and continues its activities in its own private building. Hasan Paşa Public Library: The Çorum Merkez Hasan Paşa Public Library, serving in the Bahçelievler district, is one of the most established libraries of Çorum province. There is a library on the lower floor and reader rooms, administrative offices, writing works and computer department. There are 47.303 books in 2006 3692 of them are manuscripts. Çorum Provincial Public Library: Corum city, which is the central district, is in Mimar Sinan Quarter. It entered service on December 25, 1991. It is the biggest and modern library of Çorum province.


As a museum; There are Alacahöyük, Boğazköy and Çorum museums. In addition, the Hattusas ruins are open museums and serve visitors. Alacahöyük museum Alacahöyük museum was founded in 1941 in order to exhibit historical artifacts which can be removed in archaeological excavations in the neighborhood after 1935, where the village has recently been in the past. In the museum there are historical monuments that can reach daily from 4000 's before milat. Boğazköy museum The Boğazköy museum usually contains artefacts from the Hittite period Beginning from the 15th century, the folk literature in Çorum affected Alevis-Bektashi literature. Bards such as Aşık Ali Açık, Deli Boran, Aşık Haydar, Dedemoğlu, Kasap Mustafa Çarkacı, Kadir Uslu, Aşık Blonde Kurtça, Hüseyin Çırakman, Aşık Gülabi are important poets of Corum folk literature. The days of the week in İskilip province are also different from Turkish Turkish; Wednesday, Saturday - Friday, Saturday - Friday, Saturday - Friday, Saturday - Friday, Saturday - Friday, Saturday - Friday.


61% of Corum province's lands are mountainous. These mountains are separated by deep valleys. The mountains lie in the north-west direction. The western part of the Corum province is located at the easternmost point of the Köroğlu mountain line, which is the most important mountain line of the northwestern mother-in-law and extends between the Sakarya river in the west and the Kızılırmak river in the east. The important settlements formed at the place reached by Köroğlu mountain range to Kızılırmak basin; İskilip, Bayat, Kargı, Oguzlar, Dodurga, Alpagut''tur. Corum is located in the northern part of the Central Anatolian region. The Central Anatolia Region is under the influence of the terrestrial climate. It is surrounded by Amasya in the east, Yozgat in the south, Çankırı in the west, Sinop in the north, Kastamonu in the north west, Samsun in the north east, Kırıkkale in the south west. Distance of Çorum city center from other cities; 244 in Ankara, 608 in Istanbul, 92 in Amasya, 294 in Sinop, 172 in Samsun and 188 in Tokat.