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Egirdir Travel Guide


A touristic province of Isparta belongs to Eğirdir.Turkiye's fourth largest lake and has distinctive charm and charm all the time of year. When we evaluate Eğirdir, Isparta city and its surroundings along the shore of this lake which is not filled with Seyrine and rengine, there is a tourism potential in natural and historical beauties. Egirdir, preferred for spring and summer months, has been one of the preferred centers for winter tourism in recent years. Egirdir region has different tourism possibilities in every season and Egirdir, amateur "Egirdir Tourism Promotion and Nature Sports Association" (ETUDOSD) contributes to district tourism with alternative sports. These can be summarized as skiing (alpine discipline), snowboarding, touring, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, caving, sailing, underwater diving, rafting, canyon pass and photo safari. Educator-climber Nurtay Yatman, who is the founder of the associations, is the leader of nature sports in Egirdir, 400 km in the east-west direction and 250 km in the north-south direction. . Egirdir's rich flora and fauna are also admiring. The beauty of the region-specific Apollo moths is epic. Apple and peach are grown in the wide area between Kovada and Eğirdir. In this respect, Egirdir is one of the most important apple deposits of Turkey. Egirdir also has a Research Institute affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, where apples and other fruits are grown. Lake Egirdir is a great natural in itself. The lake, which has a surface area of 517 square kilometers, is called Hoyran in the upper part and Eğirdir in the lower part, as the lake seems to be squeezed from the two sides by a narrow throat towards the north and towards the middle parts. The north-south length is 50 km. East-west width is 3-15 km. It is almost impossible to describe the cyan color of the lake. It is a pleasure to enter the water in the lake which is suitable for almost all the surrounding camping. The average depth of the Eğirdir lake with its base and sand is 12 m, and its deepest is about 16 m. There are two small islands in the sky. The island is connected to the coast by road and tourism is the biggest source of income for the islands especially for those living on the Green Island. The lake is covered with improved fishing in the area, the fish is a must see and has made the number one food for locals. In the district there is a fish restaurant almost by step. In the smaller one called Can Ada, the settlement is being used as a park and picnic area. Egirdir Bone Diseases Hospital has a reputation throughout Turkey and comes from all corners of the country for treatment and accompanying patients. Barla Kasaba, which is connected to Eğirdir, is a settlement area not only with its natural beaches but also with its religious tourism potential.