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Harran Travel Guide

harran-travel-guideIf you are ready for a journey in the depths of history, tell us, Harran, is exactly what you want.


Harran: It is on the road to Akçakale, near Sanliurfa-Syria. Distance between Şanlıurfa and Harran: 44 km. Dir. From Şanlıurfa province center to Harran, there are regular minibus services per hour.


TRIP: When you arrive in Harran: it will surely be the ones who meet you. Children and young people who speak this language in a few languages; You are ready to introduce Harran, you can benefit from this service for a small fee. ACCOMMODATION: There are 2 facilities in Harran for accommodation. One of them is the teacher's house (24 beds) and the other belongs to the district governor of Harran; On some occasions Moteldir (22 beds). RELIGIOUS IMPORTANT: The first church of Anatolia and the first mosque; Built here. However: Harran's most famous religion: Sabilik. Those who live here are told that they are in the stars. According to both the Jewish and Islamic sources: Hz. Ibrahim also believed that he was only one god, after he had to contemplate the outside and the sun and the sinking of the moon. In Harran there is a temple belonging to the Moon God Sin. According to what is said: seven planets are dedicated, seven cities are there, and Harran is dedicated to Sin. Such a belief based on stars; There is a possibility that the human being is the oldest religion. Earth's holdings have been arranged according to very subtle astronomical calculations, such as season and star movements. All this: macrocosm And between microcosm (small universe, human) behaviors constitute the source of astrology foreseeing a unity. They were also based on the deep sense of universe secrets and the unification of the universe. In 639, Harran was under Islamic dominance. Caliph Mervan (744-750): Settles in Harran and brings the capital of Umayyad Empire: from Damascus to Harran. In 830: Calif al Ma'mun; He goes through Harran on his way to the Byzantine expedition. He asks the Harrani for their religion. They say, "We are not Harran, Muslim, Jewish or Christian." On top of that, the Caliph tells them to choose between Muslim, Judaism, Christianity or Sabilit. Because: if it is not one of the books of religion; It is permissible to shed the blood of pagans and pagans. From this anxious Harran: some become Muslims or Christians. Some of them: by cunning, they say, "We are Sabi", and Pagan Harranites can sustain their existence for hundreds of years. Thak; In 1251, in the Mongolian occupation, until the Harran was relocated. In HARRAN, HZ. İBRAHİM: The historians, the city, the brother of Abraham's prophet or his uncle's son Harran'ya binds. Hz. It is rumored that Abraham lived in this city before he went to Palestine. For this reason: Harran ', Hz. Ibrahim is also called the city. In the city: There is a mosque bearing the name of the house of the Prophet Abraham. EXTERNAL EMPLOYMENT: In 1983, the excavations began. First: the castle and its surroundings are cleaned. Here: Umayyad, Eyyübi and Seljuks belong to; Ceramics and coins were found. The Firdevs Mosque and its surroundings were cleaned and a stele of the Babylonian king Nabonid was found. Another find: one of many venerable inscriptions. King Nabonid (555-539 BC) is the book about the construction of Sin Mabedin. Also; A large number of old and middle bronze terracotta figurines, stone weights, grinding stones and bronze artifacts were found. There are coins belonging to the Islamic era, very high quality glazed and painted ceramics. Almost every household has been exposed to a well-balanced city and architecture with water wells, sewer systems, toilets with steps and lid stones, bathroom rooms, mills and warehouses. WHAT IS INNOVATIVE: In Harran district center, there are 4 restaurants. It is generally possible to find kebab-type food.

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