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Nevsehir Travel Guide



Nevşehir is one of Turkey's unique tourism paradises as well as having geothermal energy resources, ponza mine called white gold, natural underground repositories and agriculture, as well as being a unique tourism paradise with its cultural accumulation enriched by civilizations, It is in a rising position with its production. In 1954, Nevsehir has a total population of 284,025 people, an area of 5,467 km2, a population density of 53 people / km2, a socio-economic development order of 34, an annual average population growth of 8.2 and literacy rate of 91.95%. There are two universities in Nevsehir University. There are 5 faculties, 2 institutes, one college and 359 lecturers in 6 vocational colleges. Some 6.300 students are studying. In Cappadocia Vocational High School, there are nearly 100 instructors working in total, 46 of which are full-time. Nevşehir has an efficient road transportation because it is situated at the intersection of north-south and east-west highways of our country. In addition, the ongoing Niğde-Ankara highway will pass very close to the Acigol district, which will greatly increase the road transportation possibilities of Nevşehir. Besides, it is possible to reach airline with the 700.000 person capacity 'Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport' and 'Kayseri-Erkilet Airport' which are located 30 km away from the center within the boundaries of Gülşehir district.


Nevsehir has an important place in the agriculture of our country with its wide agricultural areas and with its favorable structure for animal husbandry. Pumpkin with seeds Nevşehir province, with an annual production amount of 5.772 tons, accounts for 26.27% of Turkey's total seed production and this field is in the first place in our country. The branding of the pumpkin seeds produced by packaging and quality is a high investment opportunity for investors.


Nevşehir province covers approximately 10% of total potato production in Turkey with an annual production amount of 430.650 tons. On the other hand, the potatoes produced in other regions are stored in the natural cold air depot located on the shore and the need of our country throughout the year is met. Presence of natural cold stores Certified seed potato production potential Industrial potato production potential It is an important opportunity for investors.


Approximately 25.000 ha in the province of Nevşehir 150-170 thousand tons and 30 varieties (18 varieties of white grapes, 12 varieties of red grapes) are produced. In this sense, the vineyard area in Nevşehir province constitutes 5% of Turkey and 4% of production. Some of the grapes produced in the region are used in local consumption such as grape molasses, vinegar, meatballs, fruit juices and raisins. There are 1 large rakı factory and 2 wine production factories in the region. Some of the wines produced in the province of Ürgüp have won 4 awards in Europe (Concours Mondial De Bruxelles) in 2010. Producing vinegar, molasses, fruit juice, raki and wine from the produced grapes is seen as an important opportunity for investors.

Geothermal Greenhouse

The most important conditions needed for greenhouse activities; Cheap heat source, climatic and geographical conditions favorable to greenhouse and proximity to the bazaar. Greenhouse operating costs account for 15-20% of greenhouse heating costs. In this respect, the use of hot water resources which are not used in sufficient level in the province of Nevşehir in greenhouse applications is a potential to reduce the heating costs inside the greenhouse considerably.

Egg Production

The province of Nevşehir is the leader with a production share of 44% in the TR71 region with approximately 160 million egg production per year. Some of the eggs produced are consumed by supermarkets in the Cappadocia region. Organic egg production is seen as an important investment potential for the coming years.


Cappadocia is one of the few tourism heavens in the world that can carry the history, culture and unique natural beauties day by day. Göreme Historical National Park's "UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List" shows the natural and historical importance of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Underground Cities

Underground Cities

The underground cities were built in a very complex way by the Christians in a very wide area in order to protect themselves from danger. Ventilation solutions, defensive mechanisms, maze, such as the planned structure, all the admiration of the wins. Until today, the existence of 40 underground cities has been determined and no one knows how many underground cities are located in the Cappadocia Region. Churches One of the interesting features of Cappadocia is the ancient Christian churches built into soft lava rocks and covering all of Cappadocia. It is estimated that there are more than 600 carved churches in Cappadocia. Churches Hz. Sections of Jesus' life, depictions of saints in the Bible, and paintings of saints such as Saint Barbara and St. Georgius. Valley Cappadocia is very suitable for nature walk and there are many enchanting valleys containing churches, cave houses and tunnels and peribacas. Besides, the valleys also have rich vegetation diversity. Kızılçukur, Zemi, Güllüdere, Devrent and Güvercinlik are the important vaults of Cappadocia. Balloon Tour Cappadocia is the region where ballooning is the most developed in the world with the availability of natural beauty and wind conditions. The 16 balloon companies in the region serve with approximately 105 balloons. Balloon tours, the symbol of Cappadocia, are the most effective way to see the unique beauty of the region. You can find the unique beauties of the region by slowly floating in the sky in the balloon. The balloon tour, which takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, takes you to the farthest reaches of Cappadocia on foot. On the descent, a champagne celebration is held in memory of the day. Handicrafts Pottery, one of the important handicrafts, is one of the handcrafts that have been done in Cappadocia since ancient times. Since ancient times the region (especially in Avanos) has been producing in pottery workshops by traditional methods. In addition to the pottery, carpet weaving in the region, handmade baby production and onyx stone processing are also carried out. Thermal and Health Tourism Its high temperature and ion content and volcanic properties have made Kozaklı water one of the most important thermal waters in Turkey and in the world. The water temperature ranges between 27 ° C and 93 ° C. According to the classification of the German Spa Association, groups A and C enter the group of medicinal waters. Medically proven, Kozaklı's thermal waters range from rheumatism to joint disorders, from child palsy to anemia, from women's diseases to obesity, from respiratory diseases to heart disease.


The food and beverage sector is at the forefront in Nevşehir and the construction, textile and metal industries are other important sectors. Besides these, the mining sector is a great source of employment that is vital for the Nevşehir industry and exported. Ponza The most demanding ponza in our country, which has 20% of the world ponge reserves, is the white ponzu of the Nevşehir region (about 450 million tons / m3). 80% of the ponzone produced is used in the construction sector due to its heat and sound insulation properties, while another important part is used in the textile sector. In addition to these areas of use, abrasive industry, cosmetics industry, ceramics industry and dentistry have the potential to be sold as value added products in the fields such as dentistry. Logistics The province has an important logistical potential due to the fact that it lies at the intersection of west-eastern highways of the province and almost all the vehicles going from east to west or west to east. In addition, the use of natural cold weather deposits on the ground, especially in the storage of citrus fruits and potatoes, increases the logistics of the province. Organized Industrial Zones There are two OIZs located in the province of Acıgöl in the province of Nevşehir and the initiatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Boğazköy locality. Among these, Acıgöl OSB is established on an area of 160 hectares and has 99 plots and 3 firms are in operation. In addition to these, construction of 4 companies for investment is continuing. In Boğazköy-OSB, 85 plots have been established and 40 companies are continuing their activities.
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