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Rize Travel Guide


It is a city located in the north-east of Turkey and owned by the Black Sea. Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Rize is located in the west of Trabzon, Artvin in the east, Bayburt in the south, and Erzurum in the south. It is the most rainfall area in Turkey. The most important product is tea, Rize, has also started to grow kiwi fruit. But since kiwi production is not much, the city meets its own needs. Summer is warm in Rize. Autumn and winter seasons are rainy. Rize, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, shows the most characteristic features of the region. It is separated from the other regions of Anatolia by its geographical structure as well as its cultural structure. It is a very special tourism area with steep slope valleys, peaks reachable mountains, glacial lakes, emerald green springs, historical belt bridges and bears, and exhilarating streams. During the Ottoman era, it has maintained its importance as a port, suburb and accident center. Evliya Çelebi who came here in 1640 mentioned Rize: "It is a beautiful place with a garden on the coast of Trabzon." During the Ottoman period, rebellions such as Batum Castle guard Tuzcuoglu Memiş Ağa (1814-1817) and the revolt of the Trabzon Ages (1835) were rebelled and suppressed. Rize is a major accident center in the 19th century. With the Treaty of Berlin (1878), Rize was left to Batum Russia, which is the center of the Lazjan sancağına, and it became the center of the sancağa connected to Trabzon Vilayet. Earth Shapes The Rize lands on the northern slope of the coastal mountain range of the Eastern Black Sea is generally mountainous and rugged. Geological features: The Rize field, which is included in the Eastern Black Sea mountainous system, consists mainly of granodiorite and kertase flysch on the surface of Paleozoic time (I. time) and on the surface with great orogenesis (Mountain formation) beginning in Cretaceous Neogene deposits are also found in places. On the whole coastal surface, the upper Cretaceous series is notable for its abundance of volcanic cover and tuffs. On the slopes close to the shore, Cretaceous sediments are widespread, and these sediments are occasionally covered by Eocene flysch series. In the high mountainous area, more magmatic elements are dominant. Granite, andesite and basaltic masses are dominant in almost every area exceeding 3000 m in height. Alluviums and large river valleys in the region are found in the sections of up to 10 km from the sea. Climate In Rize, the summers are cool, the winters are mild and there is a rainy climate every season. According to the observations made over fifty years, Rize's annual temperature average is slightly over 14 ° C. The lowest temperature recorded during this time is -7 ° C and the highest temperature is 38 ° C. The coldest month of January is the temperature average of 6.7 degrees Celsius and the warmest month of July is 22.2 degrees Celsius. Rize has an annual temperature oscillation of 25.8 ° C, with a minimum of -5.6 ° C in January and a maximum of 32.5 ° C in July. As a result, Rize is characteristic of marine climates. The average monthly temperature curve in Rize is above 5 ° C all year, the temperature average at 4 months is below 10 ° C and Rize is a very humid city. history We have limited information about the history of Rize. Archaeological finds to shed light on the history of Rize due to the forest texture dominated by the locals have not been revealed until this day. The history of Rize can only be handled in connection with the history of neighboring states and regions. Different views have been put forward regarding the name of Rize; Rhisos, which means Greek rice, was used in Rumca as "RIZA" in the sense of mountain hill. In Ottoman, "Rize" means small crumb, rash. It is also stated that Erzincan was used for Rize as a name with the fall of the voice "e" at the beginning of the name of "Erza" in the Sakalar period. Plateau: A type of tourism that does not require much investment in the interior of Rize, which can be done using the existing infrastructure in the spring around the rich forest texture. The potential for this activity is present in all of our springs and is currently being carried out in our springs such as Ayder, Anzer, Chad, Elevit, Handüzü]. The Kaçkar Mountains to the south of Rize and the many beautiful plains connected with each other on the skirts of high mountains. All these bulbs are filled with people in summer. In almost all of these extraordinary beauty, grass mowing festivals are held. As it is possible to participate in these festivals, there are also possibilities of nature walkers with guides on the slopes of the plateau skirts. Transportation: Everywhere in Turkey, there is road connection to Rize. Rize, located on the coast of Eastern Black Sea coast, is transported by road and sea. The weight of transportation is high. Railway network and air port are not available in our province. Transportation by air is provided from Trabzon Airport, which is the closest province to Rize. Trabzon with 76 km in the west, Erzurum with 251 km from the Ikizdere district in the south and 159 km in the east. And Artvin and 109 km. It is also connected to Sarp Border Gate by land. There is easy access to all parts of the country throughout the year. In addition, during the summer months, ferry services connecting Istanbul, Samsun and Trabzon extend to Rize. For tourists coming from the Commonwealth of Independent States, there are bus services between Rize-Batum and Rize-Tbilisi. Rize port is the most suitable topographic location to develop in Eastern Black Sea ports. The port is connected to the highway lines by its location; Trabzon, Hopa, Russia ports and İkizdere-Erzurum with the Iranian connection is the shortest transit road center of the Black Sea Region.

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