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Sanliurfa Travel Guide

aydin-travel-guideAydin, known as the Efeler field, is located in the Aegean Region. It is the third largest city after İzmir and Manisa in the Aegean Region with a population of 1,053,506 people. Aydin, one of the most developed illinois in terms of tourism and agriculture, also houses important holiday villages such as Didim and Kuşadası. Products such as olives, figs, cotton, tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, wheat, bell peppers and corn are grown in the city, which attracts attention in terms of agricultural richness. History BC In the city of Aydin, which dates back to 7000 years, there are many historical monuments as well as natural beauties. Along with the Seljuks, the cultural existence and the way of life of the Turkish civilization began to dominate the region. In the 14th century, Aydınoğulları, founded in the region of Anatolian Principalities, changed its name to Aydin during the period of his rule. At the end of the same century, Aydınoğulları, Ottoman Sultanlığı'na attended. When it comes to places to visit in Aydın, some think of beaches and some of them think of historical artifacts. Because this city offers the best examples of both. It is located in Karacasu district of Aydın. His name is from the love and beauty goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodisias is an ancient city famous for its Aphrodite temples especially during the Roman era and is one of the most important archaeological sites of Turkey with its well preserved monuments. There are Sebasteon, Hadrian, Agora, Episcopal Palace, Tetraplon, Odeon and Bishop's Palace, Ancient Tiyaro, Aphrodisias Museum, Teteastoon and Theater, Tiberius Porticos and Agora Gate, Aphrodisias Stadium.

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Nemrut Tour
3 days Nemrut and Harran tour from Cappadocia is running on Monday and Thursday in summer tourist season. You will be picked up from your hotel in Cappadocia for the tour and at the end of the tour, you will come back to your hotel in Cappadocia.
Tour to Nemrut
Eastern part of Turkey became a one of known attraction center of the world, many centuries ago. For that reason this lands had many issues and wars and it was the main target for many different civilizations since couple of thousand years.
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