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Sinop Travel Guide

Sinop Travel Guide


Sinop, the pearl of the Black Sea, is an unprecedented city where Blue and Green have never looked so beautiful, with the Black Sea Region being almost as bristle and shrill. This city, which is suffering from transportation problems, is thought to be able to prevent the influx of tourists after the Black Sea coast road works and is trying to add beauty to its beauty with various projects. Having a rich commercial and cultural life since antiquity, Sinop has become one of the most important military superiors of the region with its castle and shipyard. Located in the area called Paphlagonia, Sinop İline began with the Bronze Age and the first settlement BC. It was founded as a Helen Colony in the 7th century. Sinop, which has various sayings about its establishment, is known to have been founded by Sinope from the water fairy girls Asapos of the Irish God in ancient Greece, and plays an important role in the maritime trade in its natural harbor status.

Sinop Places and Tourist Attractions

In our history, the Ottomans and the Seljuks left very valuable architectural monuments to Sinop. As Sinop says, the first prison comes to mind. The famous Sinop Prison, also known as the fearful dream of prisoners, hosted many celebrities in the past. And also; Hamsilos Bay, Paşa Tarabası, İnaltı Cave, Erfelek Waterfall, we want to talk about all of the beauties of Sinop one by one. When Blue and Green are together, this city is for peace, happiness and joy. Watching the scenery of Sinop you will feel under your feet when you go out to Sahin Tepesi presents priceless beauty and unique nature view. Offering visual beauty with its sea, nature, people, scenery, this city has got the title of Turkey's happiest landlady and it is very interesting that it is the only province without traffic lights. Sinop, which is a natural wonder, continues to develop itself in terms of transportation, air, land and sea transport while at the same time protecting the natural resources. Despite the lack of arable land, 80% of the city deals with agriculture and animal husbandry. According to the researches carried out in their districts, Boyabat District: Rice and Brick, Ayancık and Turkeli Districts: Timber, Erfelek, Gerze, Saraydüzü, Dikmen, Stable Provinces: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. I will not be able to say that the luxurious doors with natural veneer in Turkey are from Sinop Per-San Forest Products located in Turkeli Province. At the same time, this business is also an important source of income for the community living in the region. May 5th in Sinop Hıdırellez festivals will also be quite crowded. Activities such as local meals, games, nature walk, wrestling and aga elections are being held in this festive festival celebrated in Yusuflu Village in Bekteşağa, Erzincan Province, Turkeli Province. The Hıdırellez festivities that are heralded in writing are a meaningful event for the people of Sinop. If you are thinking about touring the Black Sea or wondering about the Black Sea, it is advisable to start from Sinop. Those who see these beauties are set to calculate the next year's holiday.
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